Evergreen Outreach

By Charlene M. Jett
Another great day at Evergreen Outreach and First United Methodist Church in Vandalia. Our leader was Beulah Brown (I’ll tell you more about the hidden secrets she brought later).
Our mighty fine and exuberant pianist was Bette Stolte. She came loaded with a touch of dynamite in her fingertips!
First, we covered the basics: our refreshments, and our welcome and outreach songs. We welcomed back a returning visitor, Bernie Ray (who has also volunteered to play piano). We wished “get well” to Melanie Schaafsma, and sang “Happy Birthday” to May Denning, Loralyn Valencial and Miles Filer (who, in using his Evergreen watch, Pastor Fackler said Miles was about 570 years old)!  It was also noted that Allison was a very good worker. We miss Mary Crawford badly and pray for her to get stronger.
We needed several special prayers from our scripture leader, the Rev. Ernie Flowers.  He told us a little about himself (in his mid-80s) and his four older brothers. They were so poor in the depression that they lived off cornbread (that the chickens left over) and molasses, while cultivating with a team of horses. He has been a pastor for more than 30 years and a director of mission teams.
He took prayer requests from the audience. Josh Morris said his brother, who was fighting in Pakistan, last week was hit and lost one of his legs. His brother, Tyler Morris, is in the Army and has a wife and 3 kids. Other special prayer requests were for James Munson, Eddie Smith, Jessie and Wallie.
Rev. Flowers read from Proverbs 31, which was written by King Solomon of Israel. This Psalm is a tribute and describes the incalculable value of women, especially mothers. Flowers also read a poem by Helen Steiner Rice “What is a Mother?” He ended with a heartfelt prayer for health and blessings on all of us.
Phyllis Rames and Beulah Brown were our entertainers today. Phyllis told us about her trip to Tennessee to see her grandson get married … to a lady who is pastor of a Methodist church!  Her grandson went to Greenville College, where he caused a bit of mischief, but she never gave up on him. Now, he is on the road to success. This stimulated tons of discussion from everyone on their families. Lots of stories about grandchildren, grandmas and grandpas (some reached 104), moms and dads, aunts and uncles, nieces, nephews and cousins! Lots of stories!
Beulah got everyone enthused, and we played one of the best games ever invented – I’ll call it “The Guessing Games.” So, let me tell you about it: you need plain brown paper bags with secret gifts inside, you drop honest (?) clues and hints (as if getting warmer). The audience tries its level best to guess it – because they get to keep it! She gave away toy birds, an umbrella, a stuffed owl and a couple of flower leis, a door welcome sign and some lotion / soap. This is one of the best games in the world! If only she had gone shopping at Tiffany’s!  
The finale was Julie Coulinngam, who sang “Jesus Loves Me,” before Bette’s powder ran dry!  
The pinochle table was composed of our good friends, Richard Krunenegel/Susan Meador and Rosamond Hobler/Mary Woolsey. Somehow, I don’t think they bet the same way they did last weekend at the Kentucky Derby and at the Las Vegas fight of the century.  No one shouted they won $2-200 million dollars! Alas, but we are still in love with Jesus! Hope to see you next week – come early and stay late!


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