You did us proud!

Vandalia's people were asked to give a big and hearty welcome to the Association of Lincoln Presenters, and boy, did you!
The activities throughout the weekend were well planned, and local residents turned out to be a part of the festivities, including the parade down Gallatin Street.
How well did Vandalia perform as a host? The president of the ALP recently sent a letter to the city offering thanks for a job well done.
"From the time of our arrival until we departed, we were treated as royalty; obviously, the welcome mat was out!" said ALP President Stanley A. Wernz.
"Your attention to detail is remarkable," he said. "We enjoyed a wonderful time in Vandalia, and have not received this great a welcome in any other community.
"Because of you, your planning and extra efforts, the Vandalia conference is at the top of our conference experiences," Wernz said.
The letter was addressed to Executive Secretary LaTisha Paslay, who took over much of the work both before and during the convention. She worked out much of the arrangements for activities, and was present at all times to take care of last-minute issues.
Her efforts did not go unnoticed. Mayor Rick Gottman told the city council that the Lincolns from Vandalia "asked if she would come over and do theirs."
There were many others who made the weekend a success, including local historian Linda Hanabarger, who organized a cemetery walk; the Vandalia Lions, who held the afternoon parade; Vandalia native Dr. Paul Strobel, who was a guest speaker; and of course, the man who got the convention here both times, Abe Clymer, as well as his daughter, Joy Clymer Budny.
The Law Dogs are bringing their convention here this summer, and we're hoping that our community steps up again to show that we are a town more than worthy of hosting such events.

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