Evergreen Outreach

By Charlene M. Jett
God is GREAT and God is GOOD! We renewed our old friendships today and made new ones at Evergreen Outreach.

As Betty Stolte welcomed everyone with her first-class fingers and piano music, we smiled and laughed at how good it made us feel! She managed to stay in control and did not cut loose with too many boogie woogies!
We sang our welcome and EO songs while everyone snacked on the prettiest and best tasting fresh cupcakes you’ve ever seen!  
We sang “Happy Birthday” to Richard Kruenegel, Shirley Locke and Cherie Logsdon. We also sang “Happy Anniversary,” to Bob and Judy Varga, who were celebrating their wedding anniversary! We welcomed returning visitors Mr. and Mrs. Hunter.
Phyllis Rames gave the devotions from her Bible. She spoke about the final judgment in heaven, where God divides the people into two groups; on the right he places the righteous (believers in Jesus), and on the left he places everyone else! Only those on the right get to enter heaven.
She spoke about receiving God’s blessings he has wanted us to receive since the beginning of creation. She spoke from Mathew 25:40, where Jesus said that He fed us, gave us water, clothes we visited us in prisons and when we were sick, and sent strangers to help us.
Her point is that if we don’t do these things to others, we aren’t like Jesus.
Judy Varga and Randy Schukar were our entertainers today and before they started their program, she requested prayers for Doug Wodtka, her pastor who was having serious heart treatments today. To kick off their bluegrass performance, Judy sang solo, “He lives in me.” This poignant song describes how Jesus bought our soul with His life on the cross. It also describes how the battles are getting longer and harder, and I know we can all relate to that! God Help us!   Randy livened up the stage with a faster paced “Glory Land,” in which we get to join a happy angel band in heaven!  I’m ready now!
Randy and Judy together get their “following” up in front of the stage for the “Chicken Dance” and “Locomotion.”
Have I ever described this to you? First, we lineup, then we chirps with our hands, cluck with our arms/wings and roost as we squat and do knee bends.  Then, we kind of square dance down the row of people!
The “Locomotion” is comprised of the funniest looking arms and legs sticking out of a train that you’ve ever seen. This train circles Wesley Hall, blowing an imaginary whistle and chugging all the time.
You really have to see it to appreciate all the fun we have doing it.
Judy always brings big smiles to Brad Elmore’s face when she sings “Coal Miner’s Daughter.” I expect he remembers the line that talks about “Love” and “that’s the one thing Daddy made sure we had plenty of.”
Randy sang two of his regular songs – “Ring of Fire” and “Elvira” – hich makes me wonder, where is Brenda?  We all miss her hip-grinding action! But instead we made our own circle dance, which consisted of shoulder and booty shakin’.
Again, Judy straightened us up with “You Needed Me.” Now, let me tell you a little about what this song tries to convey. It is simply beautiful, touching and describes how we need to be strong, prepared to face the unknown and stand alone to see/live eternally.
We need to prepare and live a life of truth and action.
Randy followed with another favorite about reading people, “The Gambler.” We are all gamblers of some sort, and if we are going to play the game (cards or life) ,  we need to learn to play it right, “we need to know how to hold ‘em, know how to fold ‘em, know when to walk away and know when to run. Never count your money when you’re sitting at the table, know what to throw away and know what to keep.” We choose to keep Jesus!
Do you believe there were more good songs like “Hey, Good Lookin’,” to which we did a line dance, as if we were applying to the Rockefeller New York Rockettes School of Dance, followed by a rendition of “Lollipop,” with three poppers!
Randy’s rendition of Elvis’ “I Can’t Help Falling in Love with You,” got several of us old-fashioned, sentimental types up and swaying to the music, and his final solo “Kiss an Angel Good Morning,” left a spirited smile on all our faces!  He had two audience “call outs” of “We want Randy” from his “following.” So, he is feeling on top of the world!
Now the pinochle table missed Richard, but had a good day. Susan Meador/Rosamund Hobler tied with Shirley Locke and Mary Woolsey. The games were close; maybe when Richard comes back, he can be referee! Thank God spring is here, at last!  See you all next week!

Randy Schukar and Judy Varga

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