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Katie, the Dog, is a Hero
Picture this – It was a cool and cloudy (but nice and refreshing) early Tuesday morning this week. All was peaceful and serene on the Homestead. Bill had went to work, Callie, the kitty, was resting near Bill’s footstool and Josie, the little doggie, was snuggled down in her soft and comfy bed nearby.
Betsy LongHorn and her bovine family were quietly grazing and Bucky Burro, mother Madricka, and Lady, the senior mini-horse, were still munching on their breakfast. Katie, the outside doggie, was in her pen, sitting in her favorite plastic lawn chair.
Blackie and Rhonda (chickens) had not yet made their entrance to the pen from their split level second-story boudoir and nesting area.
They make quite a production of this event in the mornings. They walk down their ramp in single file, in a leisurely fashion, as if they are movie stars greeting their fans.
They make soft little sounds as they walk down, probably greeting the sunrise, Katy, and the world, in general.
I was just sitting down at my computer, ready to finish the news, when all of a sudden, Katie was barking furiously. Thinking it was probably just the neighboring cat, I ignored Katie, until she kept barking, more and more agitated.
Looking out the window, I saw this large fox coming out of the grove of locust trees at the edge of the yard. The fox was not a bright, pretty red as most we have seen, but more of an faded orangy tan, and appeared larger than the red foxes.
He was headed right for the girls’ chicken pen, in spite of Katie’s barking, but kept looking over at her. I grabbed my camera, planning to take a good picture of him through the window and between the venation blind’s slats.
He was almost to the chicken pen, but he kept looking over at Katie. Finally, after another look at her, he must have decided not to take the risk, and turned and began running back to the trees.
Katie continued to bark for quite a while, looking over at the trees, so he must have been undercover, waiting for the dog to go to sleep, so he could catch his breakfast.
I snapped a picture, and though it is rather blurry, the fox is visible.
It was sometime later that the girls came out of their house and were making loud noises. I checked to see if Mr. Fox had returned, but he was not in view and Katie had stopped barking altogether.
Blackie looked a little pale and shaken, and I think the girls were probably thanking Katie for sounding the predator alarm.
Blackie was an eyewitness to the terrible chicken tragedy of a few years ago, the abduction of her friend, Anita Chicken, by a fox. As some of Anita’s feathers were found along the path in the woods, we believe that Anita, involuntarily, provided the breakfast menu for the fox that morning.
Blackie was in depression for quite a while afterward and only began to respond to therapy after the arrival of Rhonda.
As the previous tragedy happened about the same time in the morning, Blackie may not want to get out of bed in the early mornings anymore.
It will be a pitiful sight to see her hiding and trembling under their straw bedding in the mornings instead of getting out to get the proverbial “early worm.”  
The bottom line is, Katie is to be commended (and rewarded) because, as the fox was heading for the girls’ pen, he might have got to them some way or scared them to death.
Nadine Coming to Town…
… this Saturday, at 7 p.m., at the Biggs Farm Hall at 1532 Highway 185, south of Brownstown on Ill. Route 185, at the intersection of County Road 1525 East.
Tickets can be obtained at the Brownstown Library, 120 E. Main St. or call 427-3853. Library hours are limited, so leave a call-back number and someone will call you. Tickets can also be purchased at the door on the day of the show.
Nadine, the RFD TV comedienne, the popular Larry’s Country Diner “Church Lady,” has a new routine of hilarious, outrageous, clean humor, and is bringing some of her friends from the Diner: Teena Goans, Steve Smith of the Gatlin Brothers Band and Keith Bilbrey as master of ceremonies.  
Steve Ladd in Concert …
… in Vandalia  at 10:45 a.m. on Sunday at Unity Baptist Church  (formerly known as Temple Baptist in Vandalia), north on Ill. Route 185.  Steve sings for the Lord from the heart, reaching young and old with his vibrant voice, and sincere and friendly personality. Although he has his own solo CD’s, he also sings with the popular group “The Stamps” and joined them in singing backup for the Alan Jackson album, “Precious Memories Volume 2.”
Brownstown/Emmanuel Methodist Church Rummage/Bake Sale
Do you know where you can find baked goods, “little used” household items and clothing in a warm, friendly atmosphere?
Come to the Brownstown/Emmanuel rummage and bake sale.
Sales begin Friday, May 1, 8 a.m.-5 p.m. and Saturday, May 2, 8 a.m.-noon.
Pricing will be low and proceeds will be for missions. There will be a variety of baked goodie – go early for those.  
Golden Years Club Member Gives Gift of Memories
It is fun to look back and revive old memories that had been (almost) forgotten. Connie Hough provided just such an opportunity when she brought some 1960 Vandalia Union newspapers to me. Some will remember that there were two Vandalia publications then, the Leader and the Union, before merging into one newspaper.
It was a delightful experience to see the older newspapers with some very young, but familiar faces on them.
On the high school “TeenTab” page, put together by students from the areas high schools, a young Harold Johnson was named as Mulberry Grove’s (intramural basketball) Player of the Week. The article states that Harold is a good leader, well-liked by his teammates, and “is the only man on the team who gets double figures in scoring.” Young Harold responded with the statement that he gets “a lot of rebounding from Gerald Nolan and Jim Devall.”
As an adult, Harold Johnson served as the Fayette County sheriff for several years.
Another photo shows Vandalia essay finalists Kay Walton, Jerry Parsons and Vicky Nutter looking over their entries for the Vandalia American Legion Auxillary’s Good Citizenship award. Vicky Nutter later became Miss Fayette County and went on to be a finalist in the Miss Illinois contest.
The Teen Tab page also holds articles written by Sandra Milliron on the St. Elmo FHA initation program; Jeanette Dothager of Mulberry Grove on a tax vote; Gary Foster Seibert of Mulberry Grove on Johnson; and Juanita Autinreith on the Vandalia seniors’ play.
Brownstown UMW meet
The Brownstown Methodist Women met for their April meeting at 2 p.m. on April 16. Linda Connely, of Paris, Ill., was the special speaker and gave a talk on community outreach – talking to our neighbors.
Business discussed was planning for the upcoming fundraiser and the district meeting, which will be held in Paris on April 21.
Members present were Carol Severns, Berry Williams, Flo Allen, Phyllis Bruno and Carol Henna. The next meeting will be May 21, at 9:30 a.m., for the annual breakfast. Special guest speaker will be Pat Luck of Cunningham Children’s Home.
Village of Brownstown Meeting
The Pledge of Allegiance to the flag was said and Acting Village President Virginia Wilber called the meeting to order.
Present were Donald Lovett, Zach Townsend, Jodi Winkler, Mike Fitch, Nikki Sidwell, Virginia Wilber.
• Listening to Visitors: Scott and Fred Bingaman, a request for relief of setback.
• Village Engineer Report: Set date for public hearing on CDAP grant applications.
• Village Attorney Report: Update on 407 Locust-notice of property being sold for delinquent taxes and notification of new partner.
• Village Employee report-Mike Sefton: a. Approve 2015 MFT Maintenance Program
 b. Sidewalk plan.
• Police Report-Judd Newcomb: Monthly report.
• Acting Village President  & Village Clerk Correspondence:
-CEFS Work Experience & Site Agreements
-Distress action on unpaid bill
-National Road Kiosk update
-Review/update trash ordiance
-Affordable Gas 7 electric-Aggregation pricing update
-Request/Receipts from Pam Orr for water leak adjustments at several rental properties.
• Village Committee Reports
• Executive Session
Brownstown First Christian Church
The congregation of the First Christian Church was greeted by Shirley Goldsborough and Joann Strobel. They were led in songs of praise by Susan Smith, Don Lovett and Cameron Callaway, accompanied by Robin Lovett-pianist and guitarists Chuck Enlow and Walt Kinney.
Terry Smith led the Communion meditation. Tresnee Adams contributed special music. Followed by the message delivered by Kevin Bonifacios.
Also serving: Sunday school nursery-Shirley Goldsborough and Joann Strobel; a.m. nursery-Tena Gould; toddler worship-Rae Lynn Koehler and Robbie Edwards; Quest-4-Christ-Q-4-C team; and shut-ins-Brent Keyes and Mitch Koehler.
• Extreme Zone meets on Tuesdays from 3:30-5 p.m.
Bond Christian Service Camp
• 2015 summer registration is now open.
Brownstown United Methodist Church
Junior Williams and Jeff Kelly served as ushers as the congregation of the United Methodist Church gathered for Sunday morning services. Jarin Evans and Bradley Schwarm lighted the altar candles. Pastor Don Thomas greeted all, gave announcments, recognized the birthdays and anniversaries, shared the prayer list and led in prayer. Following the singing of songs of praise and the Scripture lesson, Thomas delivered the morning’s message.
Children’s worship was led by Rebecca Evans, who also served refreshments. Adult class was led by Flo Allen.
• May 1-2 :UMC/Emmanuel MC rummage/bake sale at the Brownstown UMC.   
• May 12 is Mother’s Day and Golden Cross Sunday.
• May 21, at 9:30 a.m. is the United Methodist Women’s May Breakfast. Speaker is Jo Sanders, Cunningham Children’s Home representative.

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