Watson publishes ‘Recipes from God’

Faye Watson’s book ,“Recipes from God,” is not “just another cookbook), as it was inspired by her day by day  experiences with her family, especially her grandchildren, as it’s subtitled “Reflections of a God-Fearing Grandmother.” It is like a breath of fresh air in a polluted world.  

The cover is pretty and homey, with a bright yellow sunflower against a blue sky and white lattice work background, an attractive addition to any kitchen,
Through her devotions, we meet her children, Tom (her “only” son), and daughters, Penny and Peggy, and her husband, Charlie, for whom she expresses her love and  thankfulness for his encouragement and “most of all, for the things left unsaid.”  
In a footnote, she adds, “This man knows when to keep his mouth shut, a lesson I would benefit greatly from learning,” showing Faye’s sense of humor that only adds to the sincerity and honesty of her writing.
The  “ingredients” in her “recipes” provide nourishment for the soul, as she shares her life in a sincere and honest fashion, beginning with her troubled childhood, the intervention of  a caring neighbor, “Mrs. Carter,” into her teens and through the years, reaching maturity as a spiritual, loving and wise grandmother who feels the calling of sharing her story with others through this beautiful book of devotions.
Meet Faye Watson, as she reaches out to others through her talent for sharing her thoughts in this inspiring and must-read book, which includes a recipe for a “French-Fry Picnic with God”(ingredients are included), and reveals her great love for the Lord, which spills over on her husband, children and grandchildren … and everyone she meets.
The Introduction…
… holds the Bible verse Psalm 18:30-34, and her incitation to take off your shoes, get comfortable and take the journey with her “to explore God’s Word, His world and His recipes for  joy.”
The recipes (for the soul) begin with intriguing ingredients such as the one for… Crawdaddy Soup.
It begins with  Psalm 23: 1-6 from David – 1 bright sunny day, 1 young-at-heart grandma, 1 eager bright-eyed child(Christopher), 1 local river stream, 1 pair of over-sized boots, 1 bucket, crawfish-real or imaginary, 1 God, (for there is only 1 creator of all.
An account of the day of a crawdaddy fishing adventure involving water-filled boots follows the recipe, which is funny, heartwarming and rather poignant, as Faye describes her feelings for the little boy chattering excitedly beside her on the way home.
As she describes it, ”Back up the street we went, one very tired grandmother, one very wet, but happy little boy. Swish, swish, swish went the boots, rattle –swoosh went the bucket and the endless chatter of a very excited little boy. As I looked down at the top of his head, my heart was filled with wonder and love.”
Freeezin’ Cokes and Hot Dogs
Ingredients: 1 little girl (Amy), about age 4; 1 fun-loving grandma (any age will do); 1 convenience store; 1 frozen Coke; 1 hot dog; 1 all-consuming God.
This devotion contains Exodus 33: 14-16  and Hebrews 12:28-29, and tells the story of  grandma getting a daughter-to-grandma lecture on the care and feeding of a granddaughter, following the unapproved introduction of frozen Coke to granddaughter. However, beloved granddaughter and grandma enjoyed another excursion out by themselves and enjoyed another ‘freezin’ Coke, plus a hot dog. The story ends happily, as Faye and her daughter enjoyed time together, an opportunity provided by the adventure of the “Freezin’ Coke and Hot Dog.”
Many Other “Opportunities”…
… to experience God’s joy and Faye’s recognition, appreciation and praise to Him for the opportunities are recorded in her book, with recipes such as “Best-Ever Jack-O-Lanterns,”  Gary’s Hot Fudge Sundaes,” “Christopher’s Candy Canes,”  “Ryan’s Favorite Pizza,”  French Fry Picnic,” “Greg’s Favorite Finger Food,” “Macenzie and Chocolate Cake,” “Cody’s Grilled Cheese,”  “Bacon, Bacon, Bacon,” “Amanda, the Artist,”  “Erica loves Midnight Truffle,” “Noah’s Round Bread,” Canaan Loves Cinnamon Toast,” Aiden & Buzz,”  “Clark & Buzz,” Amy’s Raspberry “Thingies,” “Levi, Broccoli, and Cookies,”  “A.J., Are You Ready?” and “Benny Takes on Levi.”
Also included are Grandpa Charlie’s and Grandma Faye’s recipes that are guaranteed to be grandchildren-tested and -approved.” All recipes tell a story, and Bible verses and a related devotion accompany each one.
The Neighbor, “Mrs. Carter” …
… contributed so much to Faye’s childhood by being faithful to take her to Sunday School and counseled in a loving and non-invasive way when Faye’s childhood was so troubled. She taught her about the Lord and made the “difference” in her life.
Faye is now a different “Mrs. Carter,” using her talents and her journey as a mother and grandmother, and her deep love for God and her family to share and reach out to others with God’s words, by including His Recipe for Salvation in the final chapter, which can be the beginning of the reader’s life.
The recipe/devotions are, indeed, food for the soul, as the experiences provided opportunities for Faye to experience God’s love and joy … and, thankfully, are shared with the reader.
Book Signing Opportunities
You can meet Faye and view her book, “Recipes from God,” on Saturday, May 16, from  1-3 p.m. at the Vandalia Country Club.
Finger food will be served from 1-2 p.m., cake from 2-3 p.m. The book may be purchased at the time of signing or at westbow.com, Amazon.com or Barnes and Noble.
There will also be a signing at Fayette County Museum on Sunday, April 26, at 2 p.m.   

Faye Watson

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