RNA’s 120th Birthday

The 120th birthday of the Royal Neighbors of America rraternal organization was celebrated by members of RNA Chapter 5784, which, in June, will be have been a member for 110 years.

A sandwich and salad luncheon on March 21 at the Phillips Building at noon. Birthday cake and ice cream were served afterward to: Anna Ruth Lilly, Shirley Smith, Linda Smith, Lavern and Leona Wright, Carrie Dodson, Betty Feezel, Phillis Albright, Kevin Castick, Wayne and Joan Conner, Celemet Lilly, Oliver and Edna Wright, Mark Smith, Marjorie Sarver, Rosemary Owens, Ina Abendroth, Jean Brown, Barbara Durbin, Betty Wright, Carrie Cox, David Stewart, David Xox, Larry Reed, Marsha Lilly-Wright and Della Stewart.   
"Happy Birthday" was sang before the cake and ice cream, were served. Marsha Lilly-Wright, at right, is shown with the cake.

Photos Submitted by Anna Jean Rhodes

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