Hubler unseats Clark

In the only contested race in Vandalia on Tuesday, Kenneth Hubler defeated incumbent Neil Clark for a seat on the Vandalia City Council.
In the race for a Ward I seat, in which only 37 of the eligible voters turned out, Hubler gained 22 votes to Clark’s 15.
Overall, less than 7 percent of the registered voters went to the polls on election day.
Hubler was one of three aldermen elected on Tuesday. Russ Stunkel, in Ward II, and B. John Clark, in Ward III, won re-election to their seats. Stunkel received 27 votes, and Clark received 67.
There were no candidates for a seat in Ward III. Joel Rebbe currently holds that seat, to which he was appointed in February.
Also in Vandalia, three members of the Vandalia Board of Education were re-elected without opposition.
Judy Wasmuth was the leading vote-getter, receiving 257 votes, with Matthew Hall getting 248 votes and Jay Smith receiving 237 votes.
There were races for seats on both the village board and school board in Ramsey on Tuesday.
In the village race, Chris Wall (70 votes), Roger Corrington (64) and Jennifer Falcon (60) were elected as trustees. Other candidates were Karen Pierce (57) and Jerry Haas (44).
Winning seats on the school board were Jessica Christian (162), James Thomas (152) and Allen Marley (150). Other candidates were Sheila Seaton (116) and Kris Adermann (109).
Other election totals from Tuesday:
• St. Elmo City Council – Ward I-Dylan J. Myers, 13 votes; and Ward 2-David K. Watkins, 23 votes. There were no candidates for a two-year term in Ward I and a four-year term in Ward III.
• Bingham – There were no candidates for three seats on the village board.
• Brownstown Village Board – Virginia Wilbur, who was appointed village president following the resignation of B.J. Deal, was elected to the post with 25 votes.
Nikki Sidwell (24 votes), Michael Fitch (22) and Jodi Winkler (27) were elected to the three trustee seats. Zach Townsend was elected to a two-year seat on the board with 27 votes.
• Farina – Charles Randy Engel (19 votes) and John M. Baker (20) were elected to the village board. A third seat on the board remains vacant.
• St. Peter – There were no candidates for two two-year seats on the village board.
• Greater Brownstown Park District – Gustav Pollock was elected to a four-year term with 87 votes.
• St. Elmo Park District – There were no candidates for a four-year seat and a two-year seat.
• Vandalia Park District – Brian Stout (167 votes) and Dustin Brewer (166) won re-election to the board.
• Evans Public Library District – Charles Hutson, with 233 votes, was re-elected to the board, and newly elected members are B. Randy Edwards (272 votes) and Debra R. Themig (267).
• St. Elmo Public Library District – Tony Koberlein (199 votes), Connie Kamnick (131) and Amy Denton (152) were elected to six-year terms.
• Mulberry Grove – Fayette County vote totals were: Liz Miller, 7; Teresa Tompkins, 5; Keith Steiner, 10; and Nathan Mollett, 8.
• Cowden-Herrick – Fayette County vote totals were: Luke Nohren, 27; Megan Wilson Miller, 23; and Mike Myers, 28.
• Altamont – No votes in Fayette County.
• Beecher City – Fayette County vote totals were: Nancy J. Wolf, 27.
• Nokomis – Fayette County vote totals were: Chad Ruppert, 2; David Schweizer, 2; and Carl J. Kettelkamp, 2.
• Patoka – Fayette County vote totals were: Gary Hood, 27, Linda Murphy, 20; Andrew A. Goldsboro, 30; Douglas R. Back Jr., 16; and Ricky Burks, 25.
• Brownstown – Winning the three available seats were Kent Kistler, 74; John P. Schaub, 80; and Donald Bloemker, 73.
• St. Elmo – Winning the three available seats were Shannon Moss (124), Jared Stine (127) and Mindy Healy (129).
• South Central – Winning the three available seats were Daniel L. Hiestand (71), Brittany N. Garrett (73) and Ann M. Blomberg (84).

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