Foxworth is speaker at final Lenten Luncheon

The final Lenten Luncheon of the year was held at Northside Christian Church, with the message of this year’s theme, “The Good News That Brought Christ to the Cross.”

Stacey Smith, youth director at Northside Christian Church welcomed about 100 people to the final luncheon.
A video of the crucifixion was shown after the meal. The Rev. Carl Rhodes of the host church then introduced the speaker of the day, the Rev. Ben Foxworth, pastor of Bethel Baptist Church, who focused on Jesus Christ and the crucifixion.
He began by asking questions. “Why is it good news that Jesus went to the cross?” and “Why is it we call the Friday before Easter Sunday Good Friday?”  
It is because, he said, “It is good news of: salvation – through the cross Jesus paid our sin debt, and through the resurrection, He conquered sin, death and the grave; surrender – Jesus is the perfect example of being obedient to the will of God, the Father, and he never acted apart from the express will of God; and sacrifice – Jesus came to give himself as the one time sacrifice for all sin for all time, abolishing the Old Testament sacrificial system that only temporarily and provisionally covered the sins of the people.
Foxworth read from the Bible, including the Scriptures Matthew 27:50-51; 1Timothy 1-15; Matthew 16:21-23, John 17: 4 and referred to Matthew 20:28, and Luke 19:10, of the approaching days, of the reason He came – to fulfill God’s plan. His determination was grim, guarded, but glorious, because it was through his determination to die for us on the cross, that we have salvation.
Foxworth spoke of Jerusalem, the site where he was beaten, humiliated,  ridiculed,, and died, and reminded us that Jesus had set aside the glory of heaven, the praise of angels.
He willingly, in obedience to the will of God, clothed himself in the flesh of sinful man. He was born a virgin, lived a sinless, perfect life and grew up in a village that had a bad reputation. He ministered to the poor and downtrodden.
Foxworth closed the last Lenten Luncheon by asking that people be determined to go to Jerusalem as Christ was, to not only live for him, but to allow him to live through us and that “The cross is the good news, the resurrection is even better news, and his return is the best news of all.”     

Rev. Ben Foxworth

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