Man arrested for allegedly shooting at another person


A Vandalia man was arrested on four counts of aggravated discharge of a firearm after allegedly firing shots at an individual and his vehicle early Sunday morning.

Travis E. Stewart, 38, was taken into custody after an incident at a Vandalia residence, according to Vandalia Chief Jeff Ray.

According to a report released by Ray mid-morning on Monday, an individual ran into the police department at 1:57 a.m. and reported that a male individual shot at him and his car.

Officer Rob Thompson arrived two minutes later at the residence where the shots were allegedly fired, and saw the individual who had allegedly fired the shots near the rear entrance, with VPD Sgt. Jeff Tippen arriving at the scene at that time.

After verifying that the man was not armed, Thompson entered the kitchen and saw a 12-gauge shotgun and large black folding knife.

Officers learned that two men and a women were peacefully discussing a domestic issue. The woman said that she left the two alone, and a short time later, she saw Stewart holding a gun.

The woman told police that she ran upstairs, then heard gunshots.

According to the report, Stewart admitted to accidentally fired a shot inside the residence, but denied shooting the gun outside the home. Outside, police found three spent .12-gauge shells.

The report states that the vehicle of the complainant had shotgun pellet holes in the front passenger fender, hood and windshield.

The complainant alleged that Stewart pointed the shotgun at his face, and that he grabbed the barrel just before a shot was fired, then pushed the gun away and ran toward his vehicle, according to the VPD report.

The complainant told police that he heard the gun fired once as he was going to his vehicle, then heard a second shot, which he said broke the windshield of his vehicle, according to the report.

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