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First of All … A Correction/Completion …
… of the list of grandparents and great-grandparents of Dawson Duane and Cade Ryan Willms, in the recent story of the 1-year-old twin sons of Trevor and Megan Willms.
   It should have read as follows: grandparents: Duane and Laura Willms, Jim and Toni Dugan; and great-grandparents: Don and Ellen Willms, the late Jean and Bernie Schorsch, Elmo Linton, Donna Hill, David and Ruth Dugan, Shirley Knue and Bonnie Maples.
   Please accept my apologies – the omissions and/or errors were unintentional.
The Grass is Greener…
… on our side of the fence.
Betsy Longhorn and the longhorn (cow) family are enjoying grazing on the fresh green grass that the recent warmer days and the rain have brought forth,
They still want the good hay that Josh brings to them, but the new, fresh, green grass is probably like ice cream to them right now.
Baby Buckwheat Burro is taking naps in the sunshine, while his mother, Madricka, stands protectively nearby. We plan to extend their “front yard” area soon.
As their barn “roommate” and friend, Lady, the mini-horse, foundered on too much new green grass when she was very young (B-H-before coming to the Homestead), we were advised  to limit her intake of grass to small areas at a time (and we do), so she will have a smaller yard.
Callie, the kitty, is doing well on the insulin injections and seems to be putting on more weight as she waddles down the hallway, although her diet is the same.
The Sound of Music …
… is in the air in the mornings now as the little wild birds herald in the sunrises. I was concerned about losing that special event in the early mornings when we moved out of the south woods, but they sit in the trees along the lane, so the mornings are still special. I just have to be sure and put my robe on over my pajamas when I take my cup of coffee out in the mornings.
But I guess that is the price of civilization, and also warmth, as the mornings are still pretty cool..
The Week That Was…
… was last week! It began on Monday, when my computer began acting up and seemed to have a mind of its own when I was writing the news.  This behavior was really interfering and slowing down preparing the news and story, with skipping or deleting words or sentences, text jumping around and landing in the wrong place, etc., etc.
Tuesday morning, everything stopped, as the computer refused to respond to the keyboard.
As I had bought a laptop several months ago as a backup, I thought – No problem, as I brought it out of the closet. However, although the typing and keyboard went well, it dawned on me that it was not connected so the articles could be emailed to the newspapers.
Efforts were made to put the text on a flash drive, with no results.  
Remember, this was the new PC and the first time using it, with no step-by-step instruction book (You are expected to know all the ins and outs when you purchase it.)
Someone (who understands those of us who are not computer geniuses) needs to write an instruction book, with terms we can understand, and with pictures for the advanced age groups)!
When I took the newer PC to have the Internet installed, there was a problem and the lady could not do it.
There were three days of frustration and missed meetings/events, and making trips to Vandalia for repair, installation of Internet on newer PC, etc., etc., before my older regular laptop, with references, information, stored stories, photos, etc.. available on the desktop, was up and running again – in other words, a spring tune-up.
I do appreciate my editors and others on the staffs of the newspapers for their patience and help through the “Ides of March,” gremlins in my computer or  whatever. Also apologies to those who missed seeing their contributed news last week.   
Coming Events
The weekend of April 25-26 is chocked full of great, clean entertainment as RFD TV’s inimitable, hilarious Nadine comes back to town that Saturday night and Steve Ladd comes to Vandalia on Sunday morning to inspire young and old with his beautiful voice and enthusiastic, friendly and sincere personality.
Get acquainted with both Nadine and Steve Ladd on Monday mornings at 8-15-9:00 a.m. on Panzi’s Partyline on WPMB AM 1500.
Nadine is Coming …
… on Saturday, April 25, at 7 p,m., at the Biggs Farm Hall on 1532 Highway 185, south of Brownstown, at the intersection of County Road 1525 East.
Nadine and her friends from Larry’s Country Diner, including Teea Goans, Keith Bilbrey and featuring Steve Smith of the Gatlin Brothers Band. Be prepared for a good time, as Nadine brings her hilarious, sometimes outrageous, but always clean humor, jokes, and stories about husband,Homer’s family. On the RFD TV show, she always signs off with the words of the church sign for the week that she is on the way to putting up. The words contain a message that is inspirational and good to live by.
Tickets are on sale at the Brownstown Library, 120 E. Main St., or call the library at 427-3853.
Library hours are limited, so leave a call-back number and someone will call you. The program benefits the Brownstown Library.
Steve Ladd…
… is coming to Vandalia on April 26, at Unity Baptist Church, north of Vandalia on Ill. Route 185, (formerly Temple Baptist) at the 10:45 a.m. service. While Steve has recorded his own CD’s, he also sings with the well-known group “The Stamps” and can be heard singing backup on Alan Jackson’s album, “Precious Memories Volume II”.
There is no charge, but free-will offerings will be appreciated.
Brownstown United Brownstown/Emmanuel Methodist Women Meet
The United Methodist Women met March 36 at  p.m. at the Brownstown Church. The meeting was called to order and presided over by the unit president, Carol Severns.  Severns asked for the reading of the minutes of the January meeting, as the February meeting was canceled due to snow and extremely cold weather.
Connie Green gave an up-to-date treasurer’s report, which brought to light the need for a fundraiser. All agreed on a rummage/bake sale to be held May 1-2 in the Brownstown United Methodist Church basement. More information to come later.
The Embarrass River District spring meeting will be held in Paris on April 21. Reservations should be made by Aptil 8. Three members from the unit plan to attend.
Billy Anna Forbis gave an Easter program. She played a recording of a radio program she was asked to do two years ago, a presentation of what Easter had meant to her growing up.
She shared all that she had been taught, both traditionally and religiously by her father (who was a devoted Christian and minister),
Everyone present reflected on what they had learned about Easter and tbe Lenten season, and said that as they grew up, they realized that the real meaning of Easter is not just a “spring celebration”, that because of the Resurrection of Jesus, we can live in heaven forever.
Flo Allen, hostess for the meeting, served a gaily decorated cake with tea and coffee.
Members present were Severns, Connie Green, Flo Allen, Forbis and Carol Henna.
The next meeting of the Brownstown UMW will be held at the Brownstown Methodist Church on April 16, at 2 p.m. Linda Connelly, district representative, will be the special speaker. Guests are welcome and new members are needed.
Coming & Going
Deanna Visits Family
Deanna Hovious had a most enjoyable day on Friday, March 27. She visited her sister, Margaret Kimberlin, in Casey, and then went on to Paris, to visit her daughter, Michelle Hovious Allen, and family – Jeff, Kierstyn and Justyn.
Following the visit with Michelle, and Deanna went to an Italian restaurant for dinner. After the meal, they attended the school musical, “Legally Blond,” held at the Paris High School.
Deanna’s granddaughter, Kierstyn, is a junior, and she had one of the four leading roles. An impressive production, there were 80 cast members, 32 students played in the pit orchestra, and there were fifteen scene crew members.
The school’s gym floor was made into a huge stage. The musical itself had 16 scenes, and each scene had different backgrounds and props.
Kierstyn had singing, speaking, dance,and cheer routines. The cast had been working on the musical for four months and it was very professional.
Curtain call had a standing ovation with several minutes of applause,
They also performed on Saturday night and Sunday afternoon. Deanna said she was totally amazed at these students and their months of practice.
Brownstown United Methodist Church
Logan Orr and Junior Williams served as ushers as the congregation of the United Methodist Church gathered for Sunday morning worship service. Bradley Schwarm lighted the altar candles.
Pastor Don Thomas greeted all, recognized the birthdays and anniversaries, shared the announcements and prayer requests, and led in prayer.
April birthdays recognizes were: Kyler Fulk, Carol Henna, Gavin Schnarre, Wade Trae Voelker, Don Thomas, Zachary Fulk, Elmer Feezel and Nicholas Grull.
A special reading was given by Betty Miller, and Marlys Thomas sang a special song. Thomas delivered the morning message.
Rebecca Evans led the Children’s worship and served refreshments. Flo Allen led the adult class.
• Easter Sunday – Sunrise Service at 6:30 a.m., with breakfast to follow. Regular services at Brownstown and Emmanuel.
•April 10-11 – Festival of Quilts Show Cunningham Children’s Home at Urbana.
• April 16 – United Methodist Women will meet. Shepherdess Linda Connolly, will be the speaker.

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