Memories page keeps our town’s history alive

It’s yet another way of preserving our community’s history, although that’s not its main purpose. It was created to be a forum through which memories of our community can be shared.
Almost five years after Kathy Schultz started the Vandalia Memories page on Facebook, that page has about 1,700 members, with many of those members sharing old photos that look back over the years.
On that Facebook page, members can recall their childhoods … and who doesn’t enjoy that?
The photos show what our downtown was like before the days of the big box stores. They show businesses from years and decades ago. They show how Vandalia has changed over the years.
In creating and reviving those memories, the Vandalia Memories is also producing a lesson on local history, a lesson that goes beyond our community once hosting state government and our ties to Abraham Lincoln.
We would venture to say that Vandalia Memories has even created an interest in history for many members who never knew that they had such an interest.
And many of the photos have created lengthy and interesting discussions on things from our past.
If you haven’t checked out Vandalia Memories on Facebook, give it a try – we think that whether you were born and reared here or not, you’ll find some interesting things there.

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