Evergreen Outreach

By Charlene M. Jett
A truly wonderful day for Evergreen Outreach. The presence of the Lord was with us, as many of our FAYCO friends arrived.   We shared refreshments and cookies, and caught up on what happened after the extra-long cold winter interfered with our good times. Ugh!
We opened the program by singing “Happy Birthday” to Mary Woolsey, Beulah Brown, Tanya Robinson and Randy Schukar.
Now, I’m going to share a little good news about Randy, who after being ill for a spell, went on a ridiculously wonderful cruise, through the Panama Canal and two other countries. Way too much fun for a great single guy like this; however, as I understand it, he made several new friends and got the email address of a couple of beautiful young women who were waiting on him, hand and foot.
He is rare among the EO crowd because he has “a following.” I don’t know if he is on Facebook, but I bet he will be soon.
The Rev. Ernie Flowers gave our devotions today. He spoke about and read a poem from Helen Steiner Rice, who started out by writing short poems, and her works are now world famous. He read “Someone Cares.” It is a poem about God’s magnificent love for each of us.
Even King David in the Bible had tragedies, and he wrote “The Lord’s Prayer,” the first line of which is, “The Lord is my Shepherd.” After recognizing his sins, King David asked for and received forgiveness, which resulted in the gift of contentment from God. He was no longer greedy and covetous.
Remember, Jesus gives to us NOT as the WORLD gives to us, but he gives us His peace.
He gives us the freedom to do what is God’s will, and He helps us not be anxious or overwhelmed by life. He will provide for all through encouragement and reassurance.  
Rev. Flowers told us that to overcome a problem with situational depression (for example), we need to: 1) find someone to love; 2) find something to do and; 3) move forward to a future. The Lord will provide a comforter and companion (Holy Spirit) to help guide us.
With that, the program was turned over to Judy Varga and Randy Schukar, some of our favorite entertainers and most-loved diversions.
Judy chose a poignant song, “The Cross in the Middle” as her first solo. The song has deep meaning surrounding Jesus dying for our sins. The song explains that He took our place and we should have died on the cross. The choice was His!
With this in mind, we wholeheartedly joined in dances of celebration, known locally as the “Chicken Dance” and “Locomotion.” The quiet peaceful Wesley Hall is transformed into a joyful chaotic blur of hands, feet, arms and legs moving in curious, entangled and unpredictable ways.
Randy brings his presence to the room by singing “Ring of Fire” and “The Gambler.” But Judy doesn’t let go of the microphone until she sang “You Aren’t Woman Enough to Take My Man.”
Now, a line forms at the front of the stage for “Crazy,” and then Randy brings many sentimental types out on the floor for dancing to “I Can’t Help Falling in Love with You,” one of Elvis Presley’s best!
We get just a bit more ridiculous with “Lollipop,” and this alone reduced my chances of having a heart attack by 50 percent. So much joy and laughter.
The next song was dedicated to Phyllis Rames, who danced the EO dance with her friends to “Hey, Good Looking” – she is warming up for another family wedding!
At the pinochle table, Rosamund Hobler/Susan Meador won two games over Richard Kruenegel/Ruth Ann Scott, but I know for a fact the game ended with unbridled happiness on everyone’s face!
The big success today was achieved thru love and devotion, and the world need more of it! With tomorrow being St. Patrick’s Day, the world is green with envy at all the success Jesus brings us!


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