Voice your opinion on alcohol in parks

At recent meetings, Vandalia Park District commissioners have discussed a request to allow alcohol at softball fields as a way of enticing more teams to come to Vandalia. The discussion has expanded to include allowing alcohol in the parks for such things as special events and reunions.
Last Thursday, the park district board agreed to hold a public hearing on the issue. That hearing has been set for 6 p.m. in the Little Theater at Vandalia Elementary School.
Since that decision was made last week and the notice was posted on the Facebook pages of The Leader-Union and park commissioner Brian Stout, there has already been considerble discussion on Facebook on the issue.
One can tell by the Facebook comments that it's an issue that brings out strong opinions and emotions. Most of those issuing their opinions are either strongly in favor or strongly opposed.
Park board commissioners expected to get that kind of response – that's why they thought it best to hold a public hearing, to get residents' opinions.
As they address this issue, park commissioners have a lot to consider as far as what guidelines would be put into place and what options are availble to them.
We're hoping for a good turnout for that hearing, and that while it's a hot issue, we hope that people remain civil as those with differing opinions present their arguments.
Let's take advantage of the opportunity to give our input, and do so in a respectful manner.

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