Promoting our positives

As he took the reins of chamber president late last month, Todd Stapleton expressed a desire to lead that organization’s efforts to be involved in economic development.
And, in doing so, Stapleton said, “We need to focus on what we are and what we do have, and quit focusing on the negatives.
“Sometimes we focus on what we don’t have, what we’re lacking. When you’re positive, you’re working together with what you have, and I think that brings out a positive side for anybody who comes through our community.”
Indeed, many of us tend to look at things we’d like to have, such as more industry and business that can provide decent-paying jobs.
That’s quite a task, when you consider that we are in a state that hamstrings us with unfavorable laws governing such things as workers’ compensation.
But, Stapleton acknowledged, we can at least present a positive front, “a unified message,” to developers taking a look at our community.
It may sound like something from a movie, that we can take big steps just by being positive. But, there’s something to that.
While we continue to offset the losses of jobs through closings or personnel cutbacks, we have to continue to remember that we have many things to offer developers, with our people being at the top of that list.
We also have a pretty good advantage over those communities that don’t have an interstate highway and a major two-lane highway running through their towns, as well as local rail service.
“We don’t have everything – we understand that,” Stapleton said. “There are some things that we can’t have in this community.”
But remembering what we do have, promoting that and working together – as Stapleton pledges to have the chamber do with the city – can play a role in our efforts.

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