Post 95 asks for public’s help to keep Legion Hall


Crawford-Hale Post No. 95 of the American Legion was chartered on Aug. 2, 1919. At that time, its members desired to have a Legion Home for the many Veterans they knew would be returning to Fayette County at the conclusion of World War II.
Accordingly, the historic Fehern Mansion on South Seventh Street in Vandalia was purchased. Extensive renovation followed and it became home to Post 95 of the American Legion. Later, a Legion Hall was added to the North side.
The Legion Hall has been used for many purposes throughout the years: weddings, receptions, prayer breakfasts, political party meetings, dinners, ACT testing, precinct training, Scout meetings and much more.
Now, Crawford-Hale Post No. 95 faces severe financial problems. Due to the economic conditions in the past 10 or more years, the post has faced dwindling income and has had to draw down the financial reserves of the Legion and its Auxiliary.
To put it bluntly, the Legion has to obtain public support for its operations or face the possibility of having to sell (if possible) its existing property and obtain another place to continue its operations.
This would severely hinder the Legion’s ability to serve the public and support the Crawford-Hale Museum, located on the first floor of the original building.
Without the Legion Hall, most of the activities listed above would have to be curtailed, if not eliminated.
Your help is needed. Please support your American Legion Post’s activities.

Bradley Brannon
Commander, Crawford-Hale Post No. 95 American Legion


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