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Mother Madricka & Bucky (Donkeys) Get ‘Spooked’
Recently, when in a thrift store, I purchased a long, warm coat with a hood, thinking it will be perfect to wear out to the critters’ pens in rainy, cold weather.  However, when I wore it out to give carrot treats to Madricka and Baby Bucky, they came out of their barn, took one look at me and ran.  
Even when I talked to them and held the carrots out for them, they would not come near me. The long, hooded, dark coat scared them.
Lady, the mini-horse, recognized me and was calm, so she enjoyed her shredded carrot treat.
When I went out later, minus the long coat and the wind blowing my hair all around, Madricka and Bucky  recognized me both came right to the fence. I had saved their carrots, so they still got their treat.    
Guess they were just used to me in my jeans and jacket with no hat and didn’t recognize “that strange person” who was invading their territory.
Katy, the Lab/heeler mix, also barked at me in the hooded coat.  
Benefit Soup Supper for Phil Wells …
… is on Saturday, Feb. 7, 4-8 p.m., at the Brownstown Elementary School. Churches, Golden Years Club and Sefton HCE are to provide desserts. An opportunity to show our appreciation and to give back something to a life that has been dedicated to protecting and serving our community.
Next Week
• Fayette County HCE Board meeting-Monday at 11 a.m.
• Golden Years Meeting-Tuesday for a noon potluck meeting.  
Brownstown Elementary
• Tuesday at 4:30 p.m.-SCC meeting.
• Friday, Jan. 30-No school – Parent-teacher conferences.
Our Prayers & Thoughts …
… are with the family and friends of the late Alice Scott, our neighbor.
Alice was active in the her community, including being a member of Haley Chapel, the Sefton Unit of Home & Community Education and the hand-quilting group “The Piecemakers.”
Alice began the quilting group in the basement of her home. The Piecemakers later began meeting in the basement of the Haley Chapel, where they still meet every week.
The Piecemakers, a legacy of Alice Scott’s love of quilting, is still hand-stitching beautiful quilts to this day. She will be missed by all who knew her.  
Your News Items
Church, meeting, club and family news, etc., are needed, as they have still been a little scarce, largely due to the weather that has prompted cancelations of club meetings.
Please contribute to our column via telephone, email or the little box under the pink mailbox on U.S. Route 40. Leave a telephone number with news, in case of the need for clarification or questions.
Food Pantry Items
One can of chicken or one can chicken and dumplings, and one box of stuffing mix. Anything would be appreciated.
Coming & Going
DeeDee & Friends’ Travels
DeeDee Diveley and friends Nancy Neeley and Lois Jackson traveled to Decatur on Thursday.
DeeDee further reported her sightings in the Kaskaskia River bottoms  during her excursions to and fro.  
She watched four eagles soaring and playing in the sky, describing them as “beautiful.”  
On the return home, she spotted a little fuzzy-headed bird sitting in a tree, which she thinks may have been a young eagle.
She later saw about 10 deer, which were a little hard to see, as it was in the evening dusk.
We appreciate DeeDee sharing her river-bottom sightings with us, and especially that she appreciates the beauty of God’s creations and nature, as do we.
Always a busy person, DeeDee was planning to join the retired (or maybe still working) employees of the Fayette County Hospital for their monthly Tuesday get-together-lunch.
Emily and Grandma Visit the Homestead
The front door of the Homestead opened Saturday morning to a bright, smiling, cute little face when great-granddaughter Emily came to visit the Homestead, along with her grandma, Jill Jenkins.   
The girls wanted to go shopping and all (great-grampa Bill and great-grandma Panzi) enjoyed eating lunch at Denny’s in Vandalia, and returning home, where Emily spent some rime petting Callie, the kitty.
Emily put on her pink rubber boots and took carrots to the donkeys, Mother Madricka and Baby Bucky, and Lady, the mini-horse.
She also visited their RK chicken roost, where Rhonda and Blackie were staying in their dry and warm upstairs room, and Katy, the outside doggie (except in cold weather).  

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