Gas contract good for city

As gas prices continue to drop to levels not seen in a number of years, you think about all the extra pennies that you're keeping in your pockets. Just think how excited those who purchase thousands and thousands of gallons of fuel must feel.
Add the city of Vandalia to that list, after the city council voted on Monday to ink a contract with South Central FS for its gas and diesel purchases.
A representative of the cooperative told city officials a couple of weeks ago that by signing a contract, the city would likely be cutting $1 per gallon from its fuel costs over the past four or five years.
That will add up to thousands of dollars being kept in city offers, to be used for other purposes.
We'd have to think it's a wise move, based not only on the recent decline of fuel prices, but also on the history of the Vandalia School District buying fuel under contract. That's a practice that has worked out well, and is now even better now that South Central FS is advising these entities on the best time of year to sign contracts.

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