Vandalia Memories

Betsy Brannon Mills uploaded this team photo of the 1963 Vandals, who were undefeated conference champions, from the Vandalois.

First Row: B. Shulman, P. Lay, G. Beckman, J. Ellison, M. Summers, J. Wehrle, T. Rickman, K. Johnson. Second Row: Mgr R. Harris, T. Smith, M. Marks, C. Whitten, M. Kelley, G. Adams, L. Stine, J. Osborne, J. Doran, Mgr. T. Warner, Mgr. R. Smith. Third Row: Assistant coach Ron Robinson, assistant coach Russell Hewitt, L. Culbertson, K. Freeland, L. Pruitt, R. Crawford, K. Wright, M. Steinhauer, M. Shulman, D. Nestrick, D. Whitten, head coach Don Schnake and assistant coach. Maurice Waugh.

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