No progress on filling city post

More than five months after the Vandalia City Council voted to again hire a city administrator, there’s been no movement toward taking that action.
We were reminded of the lack of progress on that front on Monday night, when Alderman Neil Clark said that the city is pulling in enough revenue from gaming devices in town to pay the salary for a city administrator.
Vandalia has been without a city administrator since February 2010, when Jimmy Morani left for a similar job in another community.
The council had filled the post at that time, but the person chosen to succeed Morani notified the city on his first scheduled day of work that he had changed his mind about coming to Vandalia.
Since that time, the council has agreed to hold off on hiring a city administrator as a way of holding down expenses.
In July of last year, the council voted to fill the position, with Mayor Rick Gottman noting that funds for that job were included in the budget.
At that meeting, the mayor stressed the importance of having a city administrator. “We need someone here eight hours a day,” Gottman said.
Yet, eight months later, the city is no closer to hiring someone for that position.
In recent months, the issue has come up at council meetings, and Gottman said he is working on a job description. There have been no open discussions about changing what is expected of that employee, so we assume that those used to hire the first three city administrators can be used once again, at least in some form.
If the money is there and the aldermen agree that the city needs to have a city administrator, there should be progress toward that end.

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