The Way We Were

25 Years Ago

1990 – Brant Wright was the winner of The Leader-Union’s “First Baby of the Year” contest. He was born at 7:05 a.m. Wednesday, Jan 3, at St. Anthony’s Memorial Hospital in Effingham to Darin and Cheryl Wright of St. Elmo.
New anti-drug laws affecting bus driver went into effect, meaning all school bus drivers had to pass drug and alcohol tests prior to getting their permit.
The Pit Stop Restaurant opened in Vandalia. Owners included Judy, Vicky and Joyce Miller.
Area Girl Scouts were taking their annual cookie orders.

30 Years Ago

1985 – The president of Witte Hardware announced the company could be putting more people to work at its Vandalia warehouse as soon as Jan. 31.
The Vandalia City Council voted Monday night to order a new siren for the city.
Clement Schaal of St. Peter, who lost by five votes to Merle Magnus in the race for a District 5 seat on the Fayette County Board, was to know within a week whether or not his request for a full recount was granted.
The Rev. Farris D. Franz was named the new pastor at First Presbyterian Church in Vandalia. He replaced the Rev. John Nipper.
The Fayette County Board learned it will be necessary to redraw township boundaries in the county so that no township would have an equalized assessed valuation of less than $10 million, based on 1982 assessments.
Vandalia’s Lady Vandals, coached by Bill Donaldson, finished second in the Flora Invitational Basketball Tournament, losing to Flora by a 41-38 score. Meg McKellar scored 18 points, while Mindy Doehring had 11 points and 11 rebounds.

40 Years Ago

1975 – Larry Mabry was seated as president of the Vandalia Chamber of Commerce. Other officers were: Todd McKellar, first vice president; Don Funk, treasurer; Marie Bristow, secretary and director; and Marvin Lyer, Lamire Wiss and Duane Luallen, directors.
Dave Schert was named editor of The Vandalia Leader-Union, replacing James West, who resigned to take a similar position in Anna. James Michels was hired as sports editor, photographer and feature writer. Rounding out the news staff were Elmora Hamel and Erma Gibbons.
Vandalia City Council adopted an ordinance, which prohibited parking on the north side of Randolph Street from Fifth through Eighth Street, and on the south side of Randolph Street from Kennedy Boulevard to Fifth Street.
President Gerald Ford signed legislation making the 55-miles-per-hour speed limit permanent.

50 Years Ago

1965 –Many farmers got their wish Friday, when the New Year came in with rain. The high for the day was 62 and the low was 39.
Ramsey High School put the new multi-purpose building to use Monday. Industrial arts, agriculture and music classes were to have been housed in it.
Vandalia City Council approved a $27,135 engineer fee for the new lake.
Some 30 citizens from the west side attended the council meeting Monday night to register complaints regarding the change of location of city dump.
The Brownstown Bombers moved into the semifinals at Altamont on Monday by defeating Beecher City, 75-52.
John Greer sold his hardware business to Forrest and Dan Taylor. Greer had operated the store 7 1/2 years.
R. Dean Hartwick was sworn in as a member of the California Bar Association on Thursday in Los Angeles.

60 Years Ago

1955 – Mrs. and Mrs. Charles Emerick were winners of the baby derby with the arrival of their first child, Shelia Diane, when 1955 was just three hours and seven minutes old.
Howard Harre of Brownstown was killed in a crash with a skidding Greyhound bus east of Brownstown.
First National Bank was remodeling Hotel Dieckmann for offices and retail store.

70 Years Ago

1945– The Centralia cagers won the holiday tournament by defeating Vandalia 46-41. The Vandalia lineup was Branham, Lester, McNealy, B. Lester Bass, Graham, Smith, K. Blunt and Kelly.
C.N. Bennyhoff resigned his position at Farmers and Merchants Bank. He planned a vacation in the south.
Curt Muelchi and Henry Klasing became sole owners of Capps Drug Store when they purchased the interest of F. F. Burns.
The McKinley team, under Bannister, won nine of their 11 games.
Roy Smith was reeelected president of the A.A.A. county committee.

80 Years Ago

1935 – Ralston Edwards purchased the Hudson Market on Monday. The grand opening was Friday and Saturday. There were free balloons for the children, free shopping bags for everybody, free samples and hourly prizes with one grand prize.
J.B. Turner entered upon the duties of farm adviser Jan. 2. He was in charge of Fayette County Corn and Hog Program.
Fire caused but little damage in the homes of J. G. Burnside and Ted Bass on Monday.
Story’s News Stand moved from Gallatin Street to a room on South Fifth Street on Monday, Dec. 31.
The Illinois Central had a bad wreck Sunday. The derailment sent steel cars of the flyer into the chilly waters near the old Kinmundy mine. Only three passengers required hospital treatment. The baggage car contained a lion and two leopards in cages, enroute to circus winter headquarters which with the mail, etc., had to be floated out to dry land by raft.

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