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First of All
Jimmy Feezel celebrated his birthday on Sunday.
Dawson Taylor Wise
A second son was born to Taylor and Mallory (Smith) Wise on Sunday, Dec. 21, 2014, and has been named Dawson Taylor Wise. He weighed 8 pounds, 8 ounces, and was 21 inches long. He has a 2-year-old brother, Landon.
Grandparents are Bill and Cathy Smith of Brownstown and Tom and Janet Wise of Rochester. Great-grandmothers are Joann Strobel and the late Lenore Parkison, both of Brownstown.
Our Heartfelt Sympathies …
… to the family and friends of Lenore Parkison, who died on Dec. 21 at the age of 90, Among those of her family left behind is her brand new great-grandson, Dawson Taylor Wise, who was born the same day.
Perhaps they met on their journeys as she was on her way to heaven and he was on the way here, both escorted by angels.
Critters’ Christmas
Christmas morning was clear and pretty and not too cold for the critters to enjoy it, too. Their water wasn’t frozen and little Baby Bucky seemed to enjoy the nip in the air. He ran up and down the pen, bucking and kicking up his heels.
His mother, Madricka, watched quietly and indulgently, as did Lady, the mini-horse.
We also enjoy watching them and feeding them their favorite treat, carrots.
However, after talking to son Jim on the phone, and feeding and tending to everyone (critters), we, the human inhabitants of the Homestead, got in the Jeep and headed north to Decatur to the home of Don and Jill Jenkins and our granddog, “Lucy.”  
Before we left Brownstown, we did make an emergency stop at Mark’s Café in Brownstown for a needed purchase – a can of cream cheese cake frosting (which I thought I had in the cupboard, but didn’t).
A hurried phone call to Betty and Becky, who were fixintg Christmas dinner, resulted in the can of frosting from their little grocery store, setting on the counter waiting for us.
The journey was pleasant, with not much traffic.
We were joined by Jeremy and Lindsay Gatewood and children Destiny, Gage and Emily, and Donnie and Brandy Jenkins and children Zach, Samantha and Austin.
It was interesting seeing the different electronic gifts the kids received, which are capable of communication functions that were amazing.
Not like the Dick Tracy wristwatch radios when we were kids that probably didn’t even tell time.
We wouldn’t have believed then, or even imagined, that there would ever even be a radio wristwatch for real.
But the spirit and real meaning of Christmas, the enjoyment of being with family and the good food prepared by loving hands are still the best gifts of all, and the more old-fashioned, the better … for us.
• Resume regular evening services on Sunday, Jan. 11.
Brownstown  United  Methodist Church
Pianist Bette Stolte played the prelude, and Jeff Kelly and Junior Williams served as ushers as the congregation of the United Methodist Church gathered for Sunday morning services.
Jarin Evans and Bradley Schwarm lighted the altar candles. Pastor Don Thomas greeted all, recognized the birthdays and anniversaries, shared the prayer list and led in prayer. Following the scripture lesson, Thomas delivered the morning message.
Pam Orr led children’s worship. Flo Allen led the adult class. Refreshments were served by Allen and Orr.
• Children will host a party (bowling and pizza afterward) on Saturday at 3 p.m.  
Coming Up Next Week
Next week, we will catch up with the Puleos and Debbie, and their cats.

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