Body cams are useful tools

Drug offenders in Fayette County have made it possible for law enforcement officers to now be equipped with a piece of equipment that can greatly aid in the prosecution of others.
Fayette County State's Attorney Joshua Morrison has used monies obtained through drug seizures to buy body cams for officers throughout the county.
Those units will record footage of numerous types of criminal investigations, including those for suspected drunk drivers and those alleging domestic abuse.
In many cases, Morrison can use body cam footage to prove to a judge or jury what a person did or said, or what an officer discovered as part of his investigation.
While protestors across the nation are calling for all police officers to wear body cams, the officers in our county have been clamoring for them, knowing that the cameras will support their work in dealing with criminal activity.
Also, as Morrison noted, the body cams can be used as training devices. Officers can review footage of traffic stops as a way of learning how to better handle future stops while better protecting themselves from potential dangers.
There's one thing about the program to implement the use of body cams in Fayette County that Morrison didn't mention. Maybe it's something that he, or others, didn't even notice.
We're talking about everyone in Fayette County law enforcement working together. Working with Morrison to buy the body cams and with each other in developing policies and practices in their use is something that can help develop and enhance relationships that can improve law enforcement in our county.

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