The Way We Were

25 Years Ago

1989 –  Cowden-Herrick won the St. Elmo Holiday Tournament.
Wind chill factors of -30 to -40 degrees caused schools to be canceled in Fayette County.
Forrest Meseke resigned after eight years as Fayette County Farm Bureau president.
More than 400 Caring and Sharing baskets were distributed.

30 Years Ago

1984 –  There were several concerts planned within the surrounding communities. Concerts scheduled were Patoka Community Choir, Dec. 19; Mulberry Grove Schools’ music department on Dec. 20; Patoka School music department, Dec. 18; First Christian Church of Brownstown, Dec. 23; St. Peter’s Lutheran Church, St. Peter, Dec. 23; Vandalia High School Chorus and Swing Choir, Dec. 18; and Vandalia Junior High School chorus and bands, Dec. 20.
Ramsey was third in St. Elmo’s Holiday Basketball tournament. Members of the team were Nick Casey, Scott Hunt, Chris Jones, Todd Moreland, Pat Reiss, Rodney Hunt, Dennis Estes, Kenny Cook, Bill Hoffman, Brian Rakers and Byron Bowman. Coach was Stan Eagleson and manager was Glen Taylor.
New officers of the Fayette County Pork Producers were John Grames, president; Ray Wurl, vice president; Keith Casey, secretary; and Greg Lattig, treasurer.
Rich Walker, a Vandalia city alderman, was the third person to announce his candidacy for the Vandalia mayoral election in April.
Fayette County Board members for 1984-85 were Gusta Walstrom, Glenn Bunyard, Gene Daniels, Charles Griffin, Leonard Rubin, Gary Hannagan, Max Watson, Louie Turner, Larry Gehle, Steve Oertwig, Harold Baumann, Merle Magnus, Evert Schaub and Zennie Dial.
Cheerleaders for the St. Elmo Eagles won the cheerleading trophy at the St. Elmo Holiday Tournament. Members of the squad were Elaine Rudophi, Julie Stein, Missy Evans, Elaine Moore, Amy Carson, Chris Brame, Tiffany Potter, Jamie Schutte, Elise Moore, Valerie Denton, Brandi Meyers and Kendra Smith.

40 Years Ago

1974 –  Vandalia merchants were up in arms about the pigeons that flocked the city. Many ways to rid the downtown area of the pests were suggested.
Princess Peggy closed until after the first of the year.
Sheepskin toy factory was getting in gear for January production.
Thirty-nine Senior Citizens Happy Hour Club members spent the weekend in Nashville, Tenn., and attended the Grand Ole Opry.
Cadet Charles H. Mills was presented with the insignia of chaplain at Kemper Military School.
Santa arrived in St. Elmo at 10 a.m. on Saturday. He made his headquarters in the city hall. Nearly 400 attended the Lions Club’s free Christmas movie on Dec. 14.
A visit from Santa sparked the annual Christmas party at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Ramsey.

50 Years Ago

1964 –  Johnson, Stephens and Shinkle Shoe Co. added 150 people to its payroll. Watches were presented to five employees with 25 years of service with the company: Archie Bryant, Lawrence Donaldson, Lee England, Mildred Scott and Helen Isbell.
Vandalia Woman’s Club held a Christmas tea at the home of Mrs. Arthur Young on Monday afternoon. Guest speaker was Mrs. D.H. Rames.
Gaynard Hardebeck was chairman of the 1965 Fayette County Heart Fund Drive; Dr. Henry Lavernia, St. Elmo Heart Association president; Mrs. Helen Robbins, Vandalia Business district chairwoman; and C.C. Brauer, treasurer.
Twenty-one blood donors were sought for Adele Stewart, who was to have undergone open-heart surgery at Barnes Hospital in St. Louis on Tuesday, Jan. 19.
Shareholders of First National Bank of Vandalia met at 3 p.m. Monday to vote on a proposal that would increase the bank’s capital stock from $125,000 to $187,500 by the declaration of a stock dividend of $62,500 and issuing new stock.
“Little Red Riding Hood and Her Friends” and “Santa’s Magic Kingdom” were showing on Saturday and Sunday matinees at Liberty Theatre.
Tri City sold turkey hens at 37 cents; turkeys, junior size at 45 cents; baking hens at 39 cents; and geese at 59 cents.

60 Years Ago

1954 –  Members of the women’s Bible class of First Methodist Church were dinner guests of Mrs. Dale Tedrick and Blanche Kilpatrick in the Tedrick home on Friday. Members present were Anna Bahney, Ollie Brewer, Belle Koonce, Martha Ervin, Cora Goad, Luce Dewald, Nellie Gronso, Margaret Lamb, Ava Mammen, Flora Tedrick, guest Golda Meyer,  and Mrs. Lewis Lash, teacher of the class. Average age of the class member was over 80 and the class had been organized more than 50 years.
Supervisors chose Rollie Eakin as county chairman.
Mrs. Eldon Smith was hostess to the Home Bureau unit at her home for the Christmas party.


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