Look downtown this Christmas

Support of Vandalia’s businesses, particularly those in our downtown business district, is important to keep those businesses thriving. And, there’s no time better than the present to provide that support.
Many of us are in the midst of shopping for Christmas presents, and we encourage you to shop Vandalia first as you work to complete your gift lists.
How many times do we hear that downtown Vandalia has nothing to offer? But, do those people making those complaints give their support to what we have in our downtown?
In recent years, we’ve seen numerous individuals take a risk at opening businesses along Gallatin Street, because they want to make our downtown business district vibrant. Some have survived, some have not.
Indeed, it’s a risky venture, what with competition from big box stores and metropolitan shopping centers. But, they have been willing to take a chance, believing that they have something to offer.
Unfortunately, their risk is even greater because local residents won’t even give them a chance, won’t stop in just to see what’s available in our downtown.
Well, with Christmas just around the corner, now is the time for us to vary from our normal shopping habits and take a look downtown.
We think you’ll find some really good Christmas gifts, and, at the same time, provide some needed support for our downtown and, in general, our city.

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