Vandals, Lady Vandals named to all-conference teams

Five Vandalia Community High School football players have earned all-conference honors from the South Central Conference for 2014.
Vandalia had two first-team all-conference selections.
Kendrick Woolsey was a first-team pick on the defensive line and Collin Nestleroad was a first-team pick at defensive back. Woolsey is a junior and Nestleroad is a senior.
Vandalia senior Bobby Bradley was a second-team pick at running back, while classmate Gage Miles was a second-team pick on the offensive line.
Freshman Marcus Zimmerman was a third-team pick at wide receiver.
The Vandals went 5-5 overall and finished fourth in the conference standings.
The entire all-conference team is below.

All-SCC Football Team
First Team — Billy Mathis, Roxana; Scott Woker, Greenville; C.J. O’Rourke, Pana; Hunter Lentz, Hillsboro; Max Chapman, Carlinville; Brody Long, Carlinville; Troy Wild, Piasa; Cole Werner, Litchfield.
Second Team — Colton Robinson, Greenville; Jeff Winter, Pana; Austin Grabow, Hillsboro; Gage Miles, Vandalia; Mitchell Brown, Staunton.
Third Team — Brennan Harris, Roxana; Zach Bachman, Piasa; Robert Deere, Pana; Austin Gruber, Pana; Matt Bolomey, Carlinville; Kody Paige, Gillespie.

Running Backs
First Team — Gavin Twitty, Hillsboro; Logan Reardon, Roxana; Kenny Miles, Carlinville.
Second Team — Paul Rhodes, Pana; Blake Vandiver, Roxana; Bobby Bradley, Vandalia.
Third Team — Tucker Moeller, Pana; Conner Simmons, Litchfield; Cole Demming, Hillsboro; Garet Gwillim, Carlinville; Theo Gibbs, Greenville.

Tight Ends
First Team — Trace Gentry, Roxana.
Second Team — Jacob Rich, Piasa.
Third Team — Adam Miller, Pana; Tyler Maxwell, Litchfield.

First Team — Tyler Hutchison, Greenville.
Second Team — Andrew Fry, Piasa; Joeb Easterday, Carlinville.
Third Team — Koby Lemon, Hillsboro.

Wide Receiver
First Team — Austin Lawrence, Greenville; Craig Faulkner, Greenville.
Second Team — Dakota Duvall, Piasa; Jacob Dixon, Carlinville.
Third Team — Marcus Zimmerman, Vandalia; Elijah Barber, Carlinville.

First Team — Eli Randall, Greenville; Trevor Rice, Hillsboro; Kendrick Woolsey, Vandalia; Brody Long, Carlinville.
Second Team — Cole Werner, Litchfield; Austin Grabow, Hillsboro; Ethan Kurth, Roxana; Jay Broom, Carlinville; Tony Aloisi, Staunton.

First Team — Austin Lawrence, Greenville; Koby Lemon, Hillsboro; Seth Chester, Roxana; Collin Nestleroad, Vandalia.
Second Team — Craig Faulkner, Greenville; Adam Miller, Pana; Cole Deming, Hillsboro; Marcus Sitko, Staunton.
Third Team — Tanner Dunham, Piasa; Conner Robinson, Piasa; Kaelob Dilley, Pana; Alec Revelle, Roxana; Bryce McKinney, Gillespie.

First Team — Conner Jones, Greenville; Jaden Lindsay, Piasa; Conner Simmons, Litchfield; Luke Curtis, Roxana.
Second Team — Brady Fletcher, Greenville; C.J. O’Rourke, Pana; Brock Boston, Hillsboro; Jacob Dixon, Carlinville.
Third Team — Trevor Kinkel, Greenville; Jesse Arnold, Piasa; Nick Culbertson, Pana; Wade McMillen, Pana; Tryston Skorsovski, Staunton.

Special Teams
First Team — Jacob Hall, Greenville.
Second Team — Ben Sims, Pana.
Third Team — Tristen Sanford, Hillsboro.

First Team — Rhett Zahradka, Pana.
Second Team — Joeb Easterday, Carlinville.

Special Teams Player
First Team — Koby Lemon, Hillsboro.
Second Team — Elijah Barber, Carlinville.
Third Team — Rhett Zahradka, Pana.


Vandalia had three athletes listed on the All-South Central Conference Soccer Team for 2014.
Austin Durbin was a first- team selection, Craig Spearman was listed on the second team and Blake Torbeck was a third- team pick at goalkeeper.

All-SCC Soccer Team
First Team
Cody Caulk, Hillsboro
Cody Parish, Gillespie
Colton Rainey, Greenville
Will Schaufelberger, Greenville
Nick Copley, Pana
Austin Durbin, Vandalia
Silas Groves, Greenville
Pietro Lentini, Carlinville
Adam Mongold, Staunton
Seth Watson, Hillsboro
Conner Wiles, Staunton
GK: Matt O’Guinn, Hillsboro

Second Team
Kelson Triplett, Litchfield
Landon Godar, Roxana
Jeremiah Brannon, Greenville
Jake McLeod, Pana
Cody Neely, Greenville
Tristan Sanford, Hillsboro
Craig Spearman, Vandalia
Treton Greff, Gillespie
Blake Hayes, Gillespie
Matt Copley, Pana
Colin Fairman, Staunton
Shane Warren, Southwestern
Brenden Zeller, Roxana
GK: Matthew James, Greenville

Third Team
Ethan Guinn, Litchfield
Mitchell Beck, Hillsboro
Connor Arnett, Roxana
Mitchell Cole, Greenville
Brayton Gibbs, Carlinville
Will Shipley, Carlinville
Reid Beyers, Pana
Braden Bumgardner, Pana
Jonathan Hall, Greenville
Tyler Mayhew, Southwestern
Noah Owens, Greenville
Jacob Trexler, Pana
GK: Jonathan McEnery, Staunton; Jack Epley, Pana; Blake Torbeck, Vandalia.


Vandalia Community High School had three selections on the 2014 South Central All-Conference Volleyball Team.
Vandalia senior Jessica Sullens was a first-team all-conference selection, while her classmate Kadi Metzger was recognized on the second team.
Vandalia senior Johanna Walton was a third-team pick.
The entire team is listed below.

All-SCC Volleyball
First Team
Talesha Scott, Carlinville
Carley Kulenkamp, Carlinville
Megan Stayton, Carlinville
Kathleen Kelly, Carlinville
Lexie Siegert, Pana
Jessica Sullens, Vandalia

Second Team
Bailey McGuire, Roxana
Ashlyn Ringhausen, Southwestern
Molly Langham, Greenville
Karissa Pesavento, Staunton
Brooke Weiss, Greenville
Kadi Metzger, Vandalia

Third Team
Lauren Downs, Hillsboro
Ellie Newman, Litchfield
Jordan Rosentreter, Gillespie
Phoebe Hrabak, Pana
Madison Greeling, Southwestern
Maddy Sheraka, Roxana
Sarah Williams, Staunton
Johanna Walton, Vandalia

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