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Unexpected Volunteer Helpers (?) Joined Barn Raising Project
As the “barn builders” (namely Bill and Panzi) worked on the south doors within the pen and in the doorway of Madricka and baby Bucky Burro’s side of the barn, we were joined by Madricka. We thought she just wanted petted (which she did), but she stayed with us as we tried to work.
She sniffed at the tools as Bill picked up different ones to use and sometimes stood so her head was right between us.
She leaned in toward us when she wanted petted, but otherwise she just stood quietly, close to us, and watched the show.
Soon, Baby Bucky Burro also came close and sniffed at the tools. He knocked the drill over and took off running, as if to say, “I didn’t do it.”
Sometimes, it was a little difficult to work with the two of them standing so close to watch, but it was fun having them around and watching them.
Lady, the Senior Mini-horse …
… is doing well and seems to be content with her side of the barn and her stable-mates. Bill even noticed her jumping around, as if playing. So, she seems to be enjoying having the little “youngster,” Bucky, around.   
Lady still knickers to us very softly when she wants a little attention. She is truly a very nice, sweet, little mare.
Burros have Visitors from Indiana
Madricka and her little boy, Bucky Burro, enjoyed having company last week when Harold Bergin and his daughter, Karen, from Indianapolis, Ind., stopped in at the Homestead. They were accompanied by his sister and our friend, Sally Behrends of Sefton.
Unfortunately, we (the humans on the Homestead) were not at home, but we hope the visit was enjoyable.
Right Around the Corner are…
• Operation Christmas Child and Sharing & Caring programs, both very worthy causes and opportunities to help someone less fortunate.
• Union Thanksgiving service at Brownstown Methodist Church on Nov. 23 at 6 p.m. Olen Evans of First Baptist Church will hold the service, with special music by each church.
• Golden Years Club’s annual Thanksgiving dinner on Nov. 11. Meat, mashed potatoes and dressing will be furnished. Members are asked to bring other side dishes and desserts. This will be the only Golden Years meeting in November.
• The 5K run at Liberty Christian Church at 9 a.m. on Saturday, Nov. 15, to benefit the Brownstown Elementary School Backpack Food Program.   
Local Celebrations
Birthdays-David Goldsboro, Jessica Fulk, Phyllis Bruno, Dillon Elam, Kayla Summann, Bette Stolte, Eric Gurtner, Flo Allen and Darrell Sidwell. Anniversaries-Glen and Pam Gurtner, and Hubert and Betty Williams.
Halloween Park Party
Gus Polluck reported that the Ninja Turtle, werewolf and a rootin’, tootin’ cowboy won first, second and third prizes for costumes, in that order.
At the Halloween Party in the park, Halloween night, given by the park district.  The Ninja Turtle, werewolf and cowboy are also known as Brandon Morrell  Allen Morrell and Mason Feltner, respectively.
Gus said that about 30 people came to the pavilion for refreshments, but due to the cold weather, they ate and left rather quickly.
Fayette County HCE Board Meeting held
The Fayette County Home & Community Education (HCE) met on Monday, Oct. 27, at the extension Office in Vandalia.
Club President Flo Allen called the meeting to order and led the pledge to the American flag. Karen, from Indianapolis, Ind., was accompanied by Harold’s sister, Sally Behrends,  
Secretary Joyce Mueller gave the roll call and read the minutes of the September meeting.  
Treasurer Carol Bridges gave the financial report and gave a copy to each one present.
First Vice President Debbie Segrest reported that the new handbooks for Fayette County are completed, and they were on the conference table to be distributed to the units.
They are titled, “Come Together -Walk With IAHCE,” and the cover is illustrated with a humorous drawing of a lady walking on a treadmill.  
Segrest noted that it had been brought to her attention that a correction should be made: Bingham-Ramsey Unit monthly meetings are on the second Tuesday of the month.   
Second Vice President Anna Jean Rhodes reported that Fayette County HCE enrollment is 113 at present.  
• Community outreach officer Anita Smith reminded all that Christmas cards for veterans should be in by November, with first names only on the card, with no additional materials included that would impede delivery, Also, 2015 calendars for veterans are due in November.
• Cultural enrichment officer Ashley Davis brought samples of clever and attractive decorations she designed and made for the new IAHCE 2015 theme, “Come Together-Walk With IAHCE.” They are baby shoes holding little bouquets, with a water bottle attached to the centerpiece. Ashley and the shoes were met with much appreciation and praise from the board members
Family issues officer Donna Blair announced there is a winner for the Fayette County HCE “Race for the Baby Quilt,” and their names and information will be announced at the November board meeting, when the quilt is presented to the mother and baby.
International officer Shirley Klitzing applauded Debbie Swain for the program presented on Germany at the club’s International Dinner held Oct. 21.
Swain spoke on her time in the military spent in Germany and displayed a unique and pretty plaque presented to her on her departure. It was given in appreciation foe her services while there and is made entirely of wax.
Swain then introduced speaker, Ursula Polzin, who was born in Germany.
Polzin told of Germany and of her life as a young girl before coming to the United States.
Public relations officer Panzi Blackwell reported that the contact for the club’s planned cancer awareness program for the members and the public is now available and would be contacted for possible program dates.
An announcement was made that “Pennies for Friendship” contributions should be in by Nov. 10, to be sent by Nov. 20.
The meeting adjourned. Present were Flo Allen, Shirley Klitzing, Anita Smith, Donna Blair, Anna Jean Rhodes, Panzi Blackwell, Ashley Davis, Karen Hyde, Joyce Mueller, Debbie Segrest, Carol Bridges, Dorothy Harpster, Evelyn Probst and Debbie Swain.
A photo was taken by Panzi Blackwell of the Vandalia Day Unit members present with the award presented to the unit’s HCE Honeys, The award is on display in the Extension building’s conference room. Present for the photo were Anita Smith, Carol Bridges, Ashley Davis and Debbie Segrest.
All, with the exception of Mueller and Blackwell, went to the past and present officers luncheon at Los Amigos Restaurant  in Vandalia.
Golden Years Club Plans Thanksgiving & Christmas Dinners
The Golden Years Club met Tuesday, Oct. 2, with 23 members and six guests present. The club president, Pastor Don Thomas, welcomed all present and asked the blessing before the potluck meal.
Following the meal, Thomas called the meeting to order. The following topics were discussed and decided:
• The club’s annual Thanksgiving potluck meal will be on Nov.11, which will be the only meeting this month. Thomas will cook the turkey, Carolyn Grames will make the dressing and Flo Allen will provide mashed potatoes.
• The club’s annual Christmas potluck dinner will be held on Tuesday, Dec. 9. More information later. That will be the only meeting in December.
• A 5K Run will be held on Nov. 15, at 9 a.m., at Liberty Christian Church to benefit the Brownstown Elementary School’s Backpack Program. Golden Years will provide refreshments for the runners.
•  The Catholics Charities Food Program was to be set up at the Golden Years building on Thursday, Oct. 30, for distribution of food at 10:30 a.m.
• Newspaper clippings, photos, etc., of any Golden Years Club’s activities are needed.
Golden Years Club noon potluck meetings are held the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month, except November and December, when only one meeting is held for the holiday dinners.   
The club building is located on the northeast corner of First and Division streets. Fayette County seniors are welcome to attend.
Brownstown United Methodist Church
Bette Stolte, pianist, played the prelude as the congregation of the United Methodist Church gathered for Sunday morning services.
Hubert Williams and Jeff Kelly served as ushers. Elaine Voelker and Morgan Hall lighted the altar candles.
Pastor Don Thomas greeted all present, recognized birthdays and anniversaries, shared the announcements and prayer list, and led in prayer.
Pastor Don and Marlys Thomas gave Communion.
Pam Orr led the children’s worship and provided refreshments. Flo Allen
led the adult class.    
• Nov. 20-United Methodist Women will meet and observe World Thanks Offering.
• Nov. 23 at 6 p.m.-Union Thanksgiving service. Olin Evans from First Baptist Church will being the message. Special music by each church.
• Nov. 30-Advent season begins..
• Operation Christmas Child collection week is Nov. 17-24. If you wish to fill a shoebox, you can fill it and leave it at the church by Nov. 16, to be delivered to the collection site. The church has a list of suggested items if you want a copy of what can be used and what cannot be used, boy or girl.


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