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YES – Lady, the Little Senior Mini-Horse …
… now has not only one, but two new stable friends. The unknown, little jenny donkey that I knew was just waiting for us was found at the caring home of Ron Groennert and his sister Rhonda’s home in Okawville.
When we saw their ad in the Trader paper to sell a jack donkey, we called to see if they would happen to know of a little mini-jenny, and there she was (among several other nice little jennies), waiting for us with a baby donkey by her side – a double blessing!
We knew when we saw her that she was the one. To confirm the feeling, she walked up to me and leaned against me as I petted her. Then she walked over to Bill and nudged him with her head to pet her. That did it – no question, we chose each other.
Ron was kind enough to bring them to us Friday, and we both are delighted with them.
We named the mother “Madrika” and the baby “Buckwheat,” which has already been shortened to “Bucky.”
Mother Madrika is very pretty with a spotted coat and white face. She is very sweet and gentle, and likes to be petted. Baby Bucky is rather rascally, but his mother is patiently (but sometimes firmly) correcting and instructing him in acceptable, social behavior.
Bucky is the very picture of our adorable little Smoky, who we losy last winter. It is tempting to call him “Little Smoky,” but we think we will stick with Bucky.
We separated their outdoor run and barn with cattle panels until they get acquainted, but there seems to be no problems, nervousness or combativeness among them. They have touched noses through the wire, are eating and sleeping restfully at night, so prayer was answered in finding Madrika.
Now, little Bucky is frisky and reaches his little nose through the wire to touch Lady, playfully nipping at her. Lady is putting him in his place by kicking lightly at the fence, and mother Madrika does not seem to mind  the correction to her precocious, but precious, little son.
When we get them all settled into their new home (when the grass and mud dries up), we are sure Madrika will like for our friends to come by and meet her little son (after a few more motherly instructions on how to behave).
We were impressed with Ron and Rhonda Groennert in that they really seemed to care about where and to whom their little donkeys were going. Ron got out and checked our still-unfinished barn before he unloaded the donkeys. He offered some suggestions about finishing the barn, so they would be warm enough this winter.
We really appreciate that he cares about them enough to offer suggestions. We called Rhonda the next morning to tell her that they and Lady were getting along all right in the barn. She seemed glad that we got the little jenny and her baby, and that we love them.
They have a lot of donkeys and also mini-horses, and we believe they care for all of their animals, as they all look well-cared for and well-fed.
And, In answer to Inquiries
We, the human inhabitants of the Homestead, are working feverishly to complete the barn, sometimes working in the rain … and we are still compatible. We have a few more details to work out yet, but it’s dry and they all seem to like it. Madrika and Bucky share their side of the barn and Lady has her own private “apartment.”
We appreciate everyone’s interest, both in our critters and the survival of out marriage through this building project.
Brownstown Branch Public Library Bake
& Book Sale …
…is Friday, from 8 a.m.-6 p.m. at the Brownstown Car Wash.
Fall Revival at Emmanuel UMC …
… Oct. 19-22 at 7 p.m.
Flu Shots Oct. 21…
… from 1-3 p.m., at the Golden Years Club Building.
There will be no meeting that day, but the building will be open during those hours. The Fayette County Health Department will hold the flu shot clinic.
Village of  Brownstown Trick or Treat Night…
… is held Friday, Oct. 31, from 5-7 p.m., for children up through 6th grade.
And the Brownstown Park District …
… following Trick or Treat hours, beginning at 7 p.m., will provide food and beverages, and award prizes to the top three  in homemade costumes and in store-bought costumes.
Liberty Church Trunk ‘R Treat…
… is Friday, Oct. 31, from 5-6:30 p.m. at Mark’s parking lot. In case of rain, they will move to Brownstown Elementary School.
Catholic Charities of Effingham
Coming To Brownstown …
…on Oct. 30,  from 10 a.m.-noon at the Golden Years Club.
Residents must sign up and will have to pick up food they signed for.                         
Brownstown Grade School Backpack Program
Every week, backpacks are prepared for students to take food home for the weekend. If you would like to provide food for these families, here is a list of what is packed on a regular basis: Pop Tarts, individual oatmeal packages, Ravioli, Spaghetti-O’s, soup, pasta dinners and cans of tuna/chicken, Raman noodles, corn, green beans, peas, carrots, fruit cups, crackers, cookies, animal crackers, fruit snacks, granola bars, jars of peanut butter, macaroni & cheese, individual applesauce, Jello and pudding. Food can be taken to the school office.   
A note from Miss Stine & Staff of BES
It’s time again for Red Ribbon Week, a reminder to keep up the fight against drugs. “Your participation in RRW Activities is encouraged. Let’s work together for a Drug Free Week … and Life!
• Monday, Oct. 20-Walk Away from Drugs (wear lots of red).
• Tuesday, Oct. 21-We CAN make a difference (bring canned food item for backpack program).
• Wednesday, Oct. 22-Drugs can make you BLUE (wear the color blue).
• Thursday, Oct. 23-SOCK it to drugs! (wear crazy socks).
• Friday, Oct. 24-Team Up Against Drugs-(wear favorite sports team, school sport attire).
Golden Years Club Annual Ham and Beans Dinner …
… was well-attended on Saturday, in spite of the rainy, drizzly day, and the people were appreciated as they attended the fundraiser for the club’s building fund. In addition to the tasty ham and beans (cooked by Donnie Smail), cornbread and Donnie’s special recipe slaw, there were multiple desserts of every description.          
Sefton Unit HCE “HOBO Day”
The Sefton Unit HCE held its annual “Hobo Day” onThursday, Oct 9, at the Golden Years building, with 14 members and two guests present.
Several were dressed in hobo style and all enjoyed the traditional Hobo (Miracle) Stew. The members attending each bring two cans of vegetables (random choices) – one can to add to the already cooked stew pot of beef (prepared and provided by club chairman, Flo Allen), and the other can is donated to the food pantry.
There is no plan or discussion as to who brings what vegetable, and it seems like a miracle that every time the various canned vegetables are in just the right proportions and varieties to cook up into a delicious Hobo Stew.  A basket of apples are provided for dessert. Panzi Blackwell  asked the blessing for the meal.
It is always a fun event and has become an October tradition. A baby shower for Lighthouse Pregnancy Center in Vandalia is also held on Sefton HCE’s Hobo Day, with each member bringing an unwrapped baby gift to be donated to the center.
Allen opened the meeting and led the pledge to the American flag. Secretary Elizabeth Kasten took roll call with the question, “What in your favorite cookie?” with chocolate chip, snickerdoodles, and oatmeal cookies being the favorites.
Answering the rollcall were the following: Allen, Kasten, Carol Behrends, Sally Behrends, Dee Dee Diveley, Shirley Klitzing, Phylis Pryor, Sharon Wilhelme, Lois Hackson, Phyllis Bruno, Delores Dukeman, Betty Miller, Betty Williams, and Blackwell. Guests were Loretta Nichols and Connie Green.
Kasten read the September minutes, followed by the club financial report delivered by the treasurer, Klitzing.
Allen read the Fayette County HCE board meeting notes. Topics noted and discussed were:
• Oct.26 – Foundation soup luncheon is at the Brownstown Elementary School, and a signup sheet was passed for desserts.
• A reminder to bring yarn for the Bond County HCE project.
• Reminder of the county-wide annual International Potluck Dinner on Oct. 21 at the Phillips Building in St. Elmo. Registration, at 5:30 p.m., with a potluck at 6:00. The focus will be on Germany and the featured speaker will come from Effingham. Sefton will provide the room decorations.
• Announcement that the Catholic Charities of Effingham will be in Brownstown at the Golden Years building on Oct. 30 to distribute food. Applicants must register.
• Reminder of the Brownstown Branch Library Bake and Book sale on Friday, from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Desserts are needed for the bake sale.
• Kasten mentioned the advancing season for the club’s Christmas party.
• Klitzing announced tickets are still available for the quilt being raffled off at the Golden Years Bazaar to benefit the Golden Years Club.
• Klitzing presented the special feature: international lesson on Germany, a timely choice for the upcoming International dinner.
•  Blackwell gave the lesson on “Tea for Fun and Health, touching on the beneficial advantages of tea and displaying different teapots and an original poem to illustrate the fun aspect of sharing the beverage with friends and relatives for different occasions.
• The club welcomed Connie Green to the Sefton HCE membership.




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