Capture shows value of teamwork

Just last week in this space, we talked about the value of the various law enforcement entities building camaradrie and training together.
This week, we saw how that pays off.
Monday afternoon, an inmate escaped from Vandalia Correctional Center, and within a short time, numerous entities responded to a call for help.
By evening, those participating in the search included the Vandalia Police Department, sheriff's offices in Fayette and Marion counties, Illinois State Police, Altamont Police and its canine unit, and Illinois Department of Natural Resources.
The participation of numerous agencies and entities allowed authorities to conduct a search for the inmate on the ground, on the water and in the air.
With all of the work put in by numerous individuals, the effort ended peacefully as a state trooper found the inmate walking along an Interstate 70 frontage road.
Many hours were put into the effort, and situations cannot come to a resolution without teamwork and communication.
So, that's exactly why we like to see training sessions like the one held by our incoming sheriff, Chris Smith.

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