The Way We Were

25 Years Ago

1989 – Fire destroyed the Ronald Daisley home in rural Vandalia.
Tom Diveley of Vandalia was named Sandoval’s postmaster.
Arcola’s powerhouse football team crushed Vandalia 44-0.

30 Years Ago

1984 –  The Fayette County United Fund Board of Directors set the 1984-85-campaign goal at $32,875. Seventeen agencies, two more than the previous  year, will receive funds from this year’s drive was Ernie Chappel.
The Vandalia City Council approved a resolution that authorizes the execution of an agreement between the city of Vandalia and Conrail, thus resolving a dispute over a petition filed recently by Conrail.
The Vandalia Vandals repeated as champions of the Mid-State Conference golf tournament. Team members were Sean Leckrone, Mark Metivier, Mark Miller, Chad McDowell, Tom Dooley and Eric Hohlt. Coach was Jerry Evans.
The Vandalia football team picked up its first win by topping Litchfield, 20-13.
Darrell Pile, Fayette County Hospital administrator, announced at Monday’s FCH Board of Directors meeting that the Illinois Department of Corrections had recently given its stamp of approval on a contract concerning the treatment of inmates, making everything official.
Lincoln School students who made winning posters to promote the school’s Fun Fair were Jaime Alender, Kyle Blackerby, Tracy Wells, Josh Lofland, Susan Hayner, Angela Bradsahw and Tara Gaskin.

40 Years Ago

1974 – The Vandalia School Board cleared the air for game broadcasts by Walt Leidner.
Winnifred “Bud” Morrison, superintendent at Princess Peggy, traced that factory’s history in Vandalia for Tuesday’s Rotary meeting. He said the company’s best years were when they sold dresses for $2.98 and $3.98.
Beta Sigma Phi and Vandalia Jaycees were searching for a house in which to have their annual Haunted House.
The Fayette County Democrats served a free fish fry on Saturday, Sept. 21, on the VCHS football field from 5-8:30 p.m.
Bruce Blythe was named editor of the 1975 Vandalois. He succeeded Diane Tarter Straub.
Twenty-two ladies from Vandalia First Baptist Church attended a breakfast in Effingham on Saturday, Sept. 14.
Tom Wargo of Sandoval was winner of the inaugural St. Elmo Golf Classic. Mike Kelly of Vandalia was second.

50 Years Ago

1964 – The ccent was on “Space” at the annual Fayette County Teachers’ meeting in Vandalia on Friday. The Aerospace Education Workshop was designed to acquaint teachers with aerospace vocabulary and to become aware the part that the National Space Program plays in everyday existence.
The “Dollars for Scholars” fund netted in excess of $750 over and above the $208 donated by teachers.
Ervin F. Wangrow was named head of the annual Fayette County Cancer Drive.
The Penteostal Church planned to honor the Rev. and Mrs. J.H. Reeter on his 35 years of ministry at First Pentecostal.
More than 700 patronized Jefferson School PTA spaghetti supper on Sept. 8.
Illinois motorists seeking license plates on 1965 model automobiles were required to produce evidence that tje autos had been equipped with two safety belts in the front seat.
Vandalia PTAs ran an ad this week urging citizens to hang out flags in observance of Citizenship Day.
The Vandals football squad opened here on Sept. 19 against Mt. Vernon. The lineup consisted of Mike Scoles, Dennis Whitten, Jack Boatman, Kenny Langston, Mike Marlos, David Roberts, Mike Winters, David Mayfield, Wes Miller, Mike Kelly, Tom Jett, Lowell Donnelley, Marc Shulman, Mike Summers, Jim Crawford, Dan Hall, Larry Pruitt, Jerry Freeland, Kendall Straub, Ted Smith, Larry Osborne, Gary Adams, Dwight Nestrick, Bob Shulman, Tom Wickersham, Bruce Etcheson, Joe Ellison, Larry Stine, Pat Lay, Keith Wright and Ronnie Smith.

60 Years Ago

1954 –  Cheerleaders for Vandalia High School were Jeanine Boley, Shelby Yarbrough, Dorothy Doran, Camille Muelchi and Barbara Steinhauer.
Carol Gillespie graduated from Alton Memorial Hospital School of Nursing, on Thursday, Sept. 9.
A group of Greenville boys who were interested in forming a model airplane club met at the Vandalia Park for a demonstration of stunt and combat flying. A large crowd was on hand to witness the 26 airplanes.

70 Years Ago

1944 – Clyde Cheshier was recoving in Mark Greer Hospital from multiple factures of the leg and pelvis received when he fell 23 feet from a painter’s stage while painting the Old State Capitol on Sept. 7.
The St. Elmo Legion planned a youth center, purchased the old Washburn house for the project and played a softball game with Shelbyville to benefit the project.
Houston Smith started a private school on Sept. 18 for those in Vandalia who were interested in completing work required for a pilot’s license.
Lucille Ray was promoted to rank of first lieutenant in the Army Nursing Corps at Sioux Fall Army Air Field, South Dakota.
Mr. and Mrs. W.E. McAllister and Mr. and Mrs. David Welsh entertained the Young Married Couples class of First Methodist Sunday School at a hamburger fry on Tuesday night at Greenville Park.


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