Bradley leads Vandals over Staunton

You can say that, figuratively, Bobby Bradley helped carry the Vandals to a win over Staunton on Friday night. And, as he gained close to 200 yards, Bradley literally was carrying several Bulldogs on many of those carries.

But he wasn’t just a key player on offense for the Vandals, recording two big sacks just before halftime of the 20-6 win.
“What can you say about Bobby Bradley?” Vandals coach John Stout said after the contest. “He was all over the place.
“I thought that (Ryan) Ambuehl had the best effort I’ve ever seen in the playoff game a couple of years ago, but Bobby’s was right up there,” Stout said.
“He was a workhorse and he brought it home.”
Bradley carried 31 times for 193 yards, with 30 of those yards coming on a touchdown run that helped seal the win for the Vandals, now 2-1 on the season.
Bradley also was on the receiving end of a pass from Collin Nestleroad for a two-point conversion after Bobby Moore put the Vandals up 12-0.
Nestleroad contributed the other touchdown with a 40-yard run in the opening quarter.
While Stout was impressed with Bradley’s performance, he also saw stellar play for others on his squad.
“I thought that our offensive line played a whale of a game,” he said.
“We talked before the game, and I told them, ‘You five guys have got to take the game on your shoulders and carry us through,’ and I thought that they did.
“They were blitzing eight people inside, and we were still able to get yardage up in there,” Stout said.
He was also impressed by the work of his defense.
“Our defensive line got heat on the quarterback,” Stout said. “Jason (Clay, defensive coach) went to a two-linebacker inside look to try to get some more heat (on the quarterback).
“After last week, when we were playing a little bit soft on the edges, (we were) trying to make the quarterback hold the ball, and we got guys through there a lot tonight,” he said.
The Vandals’ offensive output included more than 300 yards on the ground, with Bradley’s 193 yards leading the squad.
Nestleroad gained 92 yards on 15 carries, Hankins carried the ball eight times for 23 years, and Bobby Moore’s four carries for 10 yards included a touchdown run.
Nestleroad threw for 38 yards on three completions in nine attempts, with the passes hauled in by Bradley, Marcus Durbin and Codie Jackson.
This Friday, the Vandals travel to Roxana, which also has a 2-1 record this year.

Bobby Bradley eyes a Staunton defender during a big gain in the second half of Friday’s 20-6 win.

Kendrick Woolsey (77) of the Vandalia grabs the jersey of Staunton running back Jonathan Allison, holding him until other Vandals arrive to complete the tackle. Pictured are Robby Lott (6), Kolton Etcheson (55) and Gage Miles.

Vandalia’s Bobby Bradley makes one of two key quarterback sacks near the end of the first half of the Vandals’ win against Staunton.

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