Shamrock 4-H club visits Vandalia Day Unit

The Vandalia Day Unit of Home and Community Education (HCE) welcomed 10 members of the Vandalia Shamrock 4-H Club to their August meeting.

Five of the members brought and presented their County Fair entries, some of which won awards at the state fair. They were accompanied by their leader, Gena Diaber.
Thirteen-year-old Isaiah Daiber, now in his fifth year of 4-H, displayed his wood working project, a large shelf with an area for weapons swords, with his name inscribed in Japanese. This was awarded first at the county fair and rated superior at the state fair.
He also displayed a framed picture of flowers created by punching tiny holes into a sheet of copper.
Ten-year-old Ivan Daiber, who is in his second year, presented a tri-fold display depicting “Food Chains.” It won an A rating and first place at the county fair. He also displayed a small sculptured buffalo that won first at county.
In his first year at baking, using a  4-H recipe, he won an A rating and first place at county for his peanut butter cookies.
Eleven-year-old Isabelle Diaber, in her second year, entered three projects: a crafted a snowman similar to  “Olaf” from the Disney movie “Frozen”, which was awarded best of show at county and superior at state; a large, decorated box containing a variety of child care items (suitable for each age), including a hand puppet made by her, books, Play-Doh and a Yo-Yo; and a tri-fold depicting “Grandma’s Flowers,” which won second at county and featured pictures of flowers that she intends to plant.
Eleven-year-old Olivia Kershaw, in her first year, crafted a paper maché painted giraffe that won an A rating and first at county and was rated excellent at state.
Sixteen-year-old Isaac Daiber, now in his eighth year, showed “Focal Point,” using a butter churn and canning jars in his display of photography. It received an A rating at county.
He also entered a photo that was decorated with sculptured clay flowers around the edges, which received an A rating at and excellent at state. He also described his trip to Italy.
Gena Diaber spoke of encouraging and challenging the children in learning new things, and also encouraging them to become more confident when addressing larger groups.
She expressed concern, because of dwindling 4-H memberships, that Fayette County may have to merge with Effingham, Clay and Jasper counties.

Attending the meeting of the Vandalia Day Unit of HCE were Shamrock 4-H club members Isaiah, Ivan, Isabella and Isaac Daiber, and Olivia Kershaw.

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