County website is a good project

If you have visited the Fayette County website, you have noticed that it’s not really useful in your daily dealings with the county. And, some of the information there is even outdated.
On Tuesday, the Fayette County Board approved a proposal to have a company that specializes in the development and design of government websites.
Hopefully, that partnership will create and maintain a website that is increasingly more valuable to county residents and others who have dealings with the county.
That’s a good move, considering how the Internet has changed our daily lives.
One of those big changes has been that many people now get much of their information online. No one knows that more than us in the newspaper industry.
Today, all of our newspaper, as well as some additional content, is available on our website. Now, our subscribers have the opportunity to read our paper online, and some even have only online subscriptions.
All of that information remains available online, long after the hard copies of the paper are gone.
We also provide some of our services through the website. There, you can subscribe to the paper as well as submit births, weddings, engagements, etc.
It sounds like the Fayette County website will do much the same work as ours – provide information and also allow people to handle transactions from the comfort of their homes, alleviating the cost and time involved in traveling to and from the courthouse.
Potential jurors can use the website to learn when they need to report, and residents will be alerted of courthouse closings and other information about county offices.
It’s a wise decision to take on the project, one that is being accomplished at a nominal cost … and one that can be priceless to those who use it.

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