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Nature’s Summer Night Sounds
When we step outside the door at night, we are treated to a chorus of night sounds presented by the various night critters (frogs, insects, etc., and  sometimes, if Katie, the dog, sees a rabbit, cat or coyote in the yard we also hear frenzied barking.  

I’d much rather have our bedroom window open at night (rather than the air conditioner), so we can hear the night sounds, but that is not always comfortable and compatible with a good night’s sleep.
Katie is a free spirit. And if she wants to bark, she barks. If we tell her to be quiet, she just barks some more, obviously explaining why she barked in the first place. Otherwise, she is a pretty good doggie.
We miss the late, lovely SnowWhite Goose on these occasions, because she usually accompanied the dogs’ barking with her louder honking and hollering.  She was backup for the dogs. We never figured out if she was joining in the fracas or just trying to tell them to be quiet.
We are also seeing tiny, little baby frogs hopping around. I had never seen baby frogs (or toads, maybe) before. We are hoping they will survive the predators around here, including the chicken roost residents.
To discourage any temptation for between-the-meal snacks, I gave the ladies (Rhonda and Blackie Hens), a handful of their dried, ready-to-eat Mealworms treats. For those who have inquired, the name of the delicacies is Happy Hen Treats. The ladies love them.
Also, in Answer to Inquiries
Callie, the kitty, still seems to be doing well on her diabetes insulin and is looking more like her old self since beginning the treatment. As I have probably mentioned, she had begun just “letting herself go,” and had a haggard look about her face.
She is now grooming herself again, with all her white fur looking immaculate.
Food Pantry Needs for August
One box of breakfast cereal, one large can of fruit juice and one box of oatmeal. Anything would be appreciated.
1st Christian Church Ice Cream Social
Sundae Sunday is Sunday at 6 p.m. in Brownstown at corner of First and Poplar. The public is invited.
Movie Night at Brownstown …
… is Sunday, Sept. 21, at 6 p.m., at 1st Christian Church.  The movie “God’s Not Dead” will be shown, and the whole community is invited to come watch this movie. There is no charge.
Coming & Going
Homesteaders Head North …
… to Decatur to the home of daughter Jill and Don Jenkins and granddog Lucy. They also visited with grandson Jeremy Gatewood, Lindsey and children Destiny, Gage and Emily.
Cousin Jenny Grimsley drops in …
… and, typically for her, was bearing goodies from her garden. We are looking forward to enjoying the fruits of her labors (jellies, jams, etc.) at the Community Garden Festival in Vandalia the second week in October.
Along with Jenny’s tasty treats from her kitchen will be many other vendors’ wares, gifts and produce.
Jenny’s basil-peach jam was especially good last year, and we are hoping to find enough good peaches for her to make a batch again this year. (I’m saving my empty jar, hoping for a refill.)
Free Summer Lunches for Kids
The Wednesday sack lunches of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, plus other healthy and fun-to-eat items, for students are over for this year.
The Fayette County Sefton Unit and First United Methodist Church co-sponsored the lunches and distributed 256 lunches this past summer.
Wednesday on-hand helpers included LaVonne Kramer, Flo Allen, Pastor Dan Thomas, Jim and Connie Greene, Betty Miler, and Bill and Panzi Blackwell.  All donations of supplies were appreciated.  
Also appreciated were the kids who makes the program worthwhile.
The Backpack
Food Program …
… for Kids, to be distributed through the school, will pick up where the summer lunches left off. The backpack program also needs the community’s support.
Golden Years Club Holds Ice Cream Social
In an effort to raise funds for the club’s move to a safer, sounder, building, they held an ice cream social with pie, cake and drinks last Saturday. It was on a donation basis, rather than a set charge, in hopes of contributions to their building fund.  
In addition, long-time club member Shirley Klitzing, made a beautiful child’s quilt, which she donated to be raffled off for the fund.
Tickets will be still be available at the club’s annual ham and beans dinner, to be given away at the November soup dinner and bazaar, in time for a Christmas gift.
Faithful supporters of the club’s events came to enjoy the ice cream and visits with friends and neighbors.
The highest praise came from young Austin Lawson, who brought his younger sisters, Alyssa and Destiny, and brother, Dylan Lawson.  He pronounced, “the pie and ice cream both were excellent,” much to the Golden Years members’ appreciation.
In spite of the drizzling rain, which no doubt deterred some of the usual supporters and members, the event seemed to be enjoyed by the visitors and the workers alike.
Donnie Smail made the ice cream, and the desserts were brought by the club president, Pastor Don, and the members.
On hand to work, serve and encourage, were Shirley Klitzing, Flo Allen, LaVonda Kramer, Bill and Panzi Blackwell, Pastor Don and John Grames.
Brownstown United Methodist Church
Bette Stolte, pianist, played the prelude as the congregation of the United Methodist Church gathered for Sunday morning worship. Hubert Williams and Jeff Kelly served as ushers. Emily Townsent lighted the altar candles.
Pastor Don Thomas welcomed all, recognized the birthdays and announcements, shared the announcements and prayer requests, and led in prayer. Following songs of praise, Thomas delivered the morning message.
Children’s worship was led by Jenna and Zack Townsend, who also provided donuts and drinks for the children. Adult classes were led by Flo Allen.  
• Thursday, at 2 p.m., the United Methodist Women will meet at the church for a business meeting.
1st Christian Church
The congregation of the First Christian Church was greeted by Bill and Cathy Smith and led in songs of praise by Karen Underwood, Judy Pilger and Don Lovett.
Accompaniment was provided by Mitchell Smith on drums and Walt Kinney and Chuck Enlow on guitars.
Terry Smith led the Communion meditation. Special music was contributed by a ladies trio, followed by the morning message, delivered by Kevin Bonifacius.
Also serving: Sunday School nursery-Ellen Willms; a.m. nursery-Cathy Smith; toddler worship-Joann Strobel and Bonnie Shelton; and shut-ins-Bill Smith and Charlie Watson.
• Ice cream cocial, Sundae Sunday, Sunday at 6 p.m. at the church. Public is invited. Members should take their favorite topping or homemade ice cream.
• Movie night at BFCC-Sunday, Sept. 21, at 6 p.m., for the whole community.  Movie, “God’s Not Dead.” No charge.

Austin, Alyssa, Destiny and Dylan Lawson enjoy the Golden Years’ ice cream social on Saturday.

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