Take time during busy summer months to be still

“Be still, and know that I am God! I am exalted among the nations, I am exalted in the earth” (Psalm 46:10).

Growing up, summers were busy times for me. I played softball, so I had softball games and practices two or three nights a week. I took piano and saxophone lessons. I went to the park to swim. I went on vacation with my family. Some summers, I would even go to a camp of some kind. When I was old enough, I worked at a couple of jobs.
For me, summers would fly by. But during summers, I would be intentional about spending time with God. Before going to bed, I would have a Bible devotion, and then I would not want to miss Sunday School because it was fun. At Sunday school,  we would sing songs, listen to a Bible story and do a craft.
I would also go to Vacation Bible School each summer, and when I was too old to be in it, I would help out as a leader.    
During summer months, we go on vacations, play sports, go camping, mow the lawn or work in the garden. Sometimes, I think we are much busier in the summer than we are during the rest of the year.
How have you been intentional about spending time with Jesus this summer? When we spend time with Jesus, we become refreshed and renewed to go about our day.
I would like to share some suggestions with you. During a vacation or going camping, set a time – maybe 15 or 30 minutes – during the day to sit quietly and listen to the Spirit of God working in your life.
I have a friend who every morning sits quietly and listens to the Spirit of God. She does this through journaling, praying with the Bible and just resting in God’s Spirit.
Maybe, while you are on vacation, you will go to a different church to worship and praise God.
When you are playing a sport or on a picnic with some friends, it is being aware of the Spirit of God working in your body. It is being aware that we can run, jump, laugh, walk through the grass and play the sport we love to play. We are thanking God for this opportunity.  
When you are working in the garden, mowing the lawn or working at your job, this may be a good time to pray to Jesus.  During this time we can pray for ourselves, others, the community and our world.
Our life can be a life of prayer, where throughout the day we are going in and out of prayer. We are praising and thanking God. We are asking God to comfort us and others.  We are listening to the Spirit of God in our lives.
Be mindful of God the rest of the summer. It is my prayer that you will be refreshed and renewed daily by spending time with God.

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