Evergreen Outreach

By Charlene M.  Jett
Surprise, surprise, surprise! This is what our leader, Beulah Brown, deals with best! Her kindness and patience show through adversity (such as, when people don't show up).

And the best pianist in town, Bette Stolte, just throws in her pizazz and – PRESTO CHANGO – fun happens! Amazing! And with a totally full house!
We shared our refreshments as Bette brought smiles to our faces with her selections of our favorite melodies and a few barely-in-tune voices like mine! Sometimes,  we have even been known to sing with cookie crumbs still on our mouth!
But Beulah straightens us out quickly,  and we listened to Phyllis Rames tell about her recent vacation to her granddaughter’s (Mary Karen) wedding in Dallas. She  visited with her children (Anne, Mary and Richard) and many grandchildren. (I have it on the QT that she will be starring in a “Jammin’ Granny” video made while she was dancing at the wedding!) So glad she had a great trip!
We sang "Happy Birthday" to Jason Galvin, Cora Foster, Marie Sutton, Pam Burton, James Johnson, Burton Graff and Ian Brown.
We were happy to have Wolf and Jeanie Schlicht back having fun with us, and   Randy Schukar reported that his mom (Katie) is doing better.
We also sang our very special "Welcome"  and "EO" songs.
Beulah settled things down by telling us about family reunions and going to Heaven for a reunion with Jesus. What are the games that are played at reunions?  Croquet, Frisbees, races, horseshoes etc. And if we are lucky, we get music and singing,  too. If we are extra lucky, we get fried chicken or hamburgers.
When we get to heaven and have our reunion with Jesus, it will be more than just fun. It will be amazing – whether you are rich or poor, popular or lonely, talented or not, he loves us all! But there is a cost to being a member of God’s family. We must live up to his expectations. This includes family prayers for health, strength, guidance and asking for forgiveness. Then Beulah led us in prayer.
As an impromptu entertainer, little 4-year-old Kayla Harda – with flashing, sparkling shoes – made her debut. Sweet, loving innocence is the best way to describe her. She sang “Jesus Loves Me.” We then  marched around several tables to “Onward Christian Soldiers.”
Then, Beulah asked us all about our favorite colors and foods. With Bette’s amazingly fast fingers, we sang from our sing-along book. We all sang numerous hymns and favorite songs. Several FAYCO clients came up front and sang with Beulah and Bette.
But NO, the fun didn’t stop there. We all made a very large circle and played hot potato with a cold dice to “Ain’t She Sweet.” Guess who was the first to lose? Me!
At the pinochle table, Richard Kruenegel and Ruth Ann Scott were trounced by Shirley Locke and Susan Meador. All I can ask is what happened? Usually, the games are close, but I think Richard and Ruth Ann must have forgotten their vitamins! We hope Louise gets feeling better, too!
Evergreen Outreach is one of those  opportunities that Benjamin Franklin must have been thinking about when he said “Well done is better than well said”!
Check us out – we do “fun “very well!    See you next week!

Evergreen Outreach founder Phyllis Rames is shown with Kayla Harda, granddaughter of Erna Wasmuth.

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