Finding an ancestor’s tombstone

This summer marks the 150th anniversary of some of the most decisive battles of the Civil War.

On May 1, 1864, Union Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman’s Army left Nashville, Tenn., on the march into Georgia to confront the Southern armies.
Sherman had an army of well over 60,000 Northern soldiers.  Among them was the 111th Illinois Infantry, and one member of this infantry was a 22-year-old man from Fayette County, Isaac Frank Dugan.
Isaac Frank Dugan was wounded in the field of battle on July 28, 1864, and died three days, later.
The 111th Infantry was engaged just on the northeast side of Atlanta during this last week of July.  He was the great-great-uncle of Bob Dugan of Vandalia.
His brother, John Addy Dugan, the great-grandfather of Bob Dugan, was in the infantry as well, but after one year was honorably mustered out due to chronic illness. And today, he has many family descendants in Fayette, Bond and Marion counties.
Isaac Dugan is buried at the Marietta National Cemetery at Marietta, Ga., along with more than 10,000 Union soldiers.  
The number 8180 on the headstone is simply to identify his gravesite from the many others.
With the help of another family member in locating the gravesite, Bob Dugan and his wife, Linda, visited the cemetery in September 2012.
“Even though so many years ago we will continue to respect the many sacrifices of those who gave all  in this historic war effort,” Bob Dugan said.

Bob Dugan of Vandalia is shown with the tombstone of Isaac Frank Dugan, his great-great-uncle who was killed in the Civil War.

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