Where are they now?


City where you currently reside: Bartlett.

Year graduated from VCHS: 1985.
Education or training after graduation:
• 1985-1986 – Exchange student in LaSalle de Pedregal, Mexico City, Mexico.
• 1986-1990 – Studied aerospace engineering at University of Illinois.
• 1990 – Schlumberger field engineer training in Comodoro Rivadavia, Argentina.
Family: Wife, Lynn (Rhodes) Kelly, formerly of Effingham; and three daughters: Addie (17), Morgan (15) and Sydney (12).
Occupations during and after high school:
• High school: Weekend disc jockey at WPMB/WKRV.
• College: Piano mover with The Piano People, Champaign.
• Post-college: Instituto Nacional Tecnica Aeroespacial, Contract Engineer in Madrid, Spain; Schlumberger, oil field engineer in Villahermosa, Mexico; and currently with Accenture as managing director, Aerospace and Defense Practice, in Chicago.
School activities/clubs/sports that you participated in: Bi-Phy-Chem, National Honor Society, track and football.
School friends: Trent Kull, David Leidner and Jeff Tarter.
Vandalia teachers/coaches/administrators remembered:
• Kent Robertson (aka “Harpo”) – Freshman football coach, track coach and physical education teacher. Not your traditional teacher.
• Jerry Heinzman (aka “Harley”) – He made English class entertaining.
• Beth Albrecht – Literature and writing teacher who really helped develop my writing skills.
• Gale Meseke – He inspired me (shamed me) to do better overall on my grades.
• Diane Schraeder – Calculus teacher whose instruction didn’t really mean much to me until I got into about my fifth semester of more calculus at U of I.
• Don Snyder – Chemistry and physics teacher, who gave me a great foundation for my first year of core science classes at U of I.
• Mr. Patrick – History and social studies teacher whose passion for what he taught was infectious. He helped me begin to appreciate what was actually going on in the world of politics.
Fondest memories of Vandalia:
• Waiting in line for the latest movie at the Liberty Theater … usually in the cold.
• Cruising up and down Gallatin Street on the weekends, hoping something exciting would happen. It never seemed to.
• Spending day and night at the swimming pool during the summer (and trying to get enough friends to come in the evening to have the evening session).


Jon Kelly

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