The Days of Lincoln

Nicole Wells, left, and Nicole Manley, right, try to calm an excited Arika Craig during ‘The Jail’ skit at the Lincoln Heritage Festival in Rogier Park.

John Lovin of Belle Rive demonstrates the blacksmithing craft in Rogier Park during the second annual Lincoln Heritage Festival on Saturday morning.

Brad Brannon portrays an ‘Indian hater’ during the ‘White Man and Indian of Fayette County’ skit.

Confederate soldiers fire a cannon blast at Union troops in one of two Civil War skirmishes held during the festival in Vandalia’s parks this past weekend.

Confederate soldiers fire at Union soldiers during the Civil War skirmish in Sonnemann Park on Saturday afternoon during the Lincoln Heritage Festival.

Dale Timmermann performed as the Speaker of the House

Nicole Manley is the ‘Lady to the Rescue’ in one of the historical skits at the Lincoln Heritage Festival in Rogier Park.

Zane Thevenot rides a pony in Mark Greer Park during the Lincoln Heritage Festival.

Sandra Leidner, director of the Lincoln Heritage Festival, watches local youth perform a historical skit on Saturday morning.

Local men portrayed state legislators during Vandalia’s capitol days in ‘The Long Nine’ skit. Above, from left, are legislators Charles Mills, Jim Staff and Al Schumacher, and clerk Brent DeSherlia.

Sawyer Dickinson served as the narrator of the historical sketches.

Mary Louise Krutsinger spins wool into yarn using a spinning wheel in Rogier Park.

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