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Critter Corner
Lady, the Mini-Mare, Now in Section #1 of New Pen
Lady, the mini-mare, came to the Homestead to live in 2002 and was estimated to be approximately 5 years old at the time.  
Earlier in her life, she had foundered on fresh, new, spring grass and, as a result, her hooves were misshapen (like rockers) to the point that she could hardly walk. The family that had her were wanting to find a home for her, and the friend to all critters, John Beck, (who is also our friend) called us with the sad story of the little horse needing a good home.
Thus, the Homestead “Critter Rescue on Wheels” trailer was soon on the way to pick her up. When we got her home, Bill used several tools, (starting with a new hacksaw blade) and got her hooves trimmed down to the dainty, petite size they were meant to be.
She took a few steps when he released her and, discovering she could walk better, actually ran around the pen, into the little barn and back out again.
As with some other of our critters, she doesn’t look like a movie star horse, such as “Trigger,”  “Hi, Ho, Silver, Away” or even Dale Evans’ horse, “Buttermilk,” but she is a very sweet, lovable, little mare and we treasure her.
Because of her past history with grass overload, we have been careful not to expose her to a repeat experience, which was not hard to control in the woods.
However, since moving north (the north end of the lane, that is), grass and clover are very plentiful here. We built her new pen in three partitioned-off sections, so we could control her consumption of the lush green stuff. We started her in the closely mowed-down, section #1.
We are now getting section #2 ready and we will remove the divider fence panel, so she can have a bigger space and a bit more grass, since she has had no ill effects from the first section.
Her shelter at present is a bright blue gazebo (haven’t had time to build a barn yet), and she has a brand new, bright red watering tub, so her area looks quite festive and cheerful. She (like the other critters) watches our coming and going and working in the yard closely.
If all goes well with her, she will eventually have a larger place to run and graze on, with no complications digestive-wise … and we will be working on plans for her winter shelter soon.
Oh, yes, she doesn’t have problems with her hooves anymore, as Bill has kept them trimmed, but we still are wary of  her eating more grass than she can handle.
Local Celebrations
Birthdays: Emma Low, Logan Orr, Rayella Denton, Cindy Holding, Ben Forbis, Eli and Evan Elam, Emily Townsend and Vernus Lytle.
The Fayette County Fair …
… is now in progress (in spite of the usual, annual Fayette County Fair rains), and we have enjoyed the events  such as the 4-H goat show, seeing the 4-H kid’s animals, and the other competitions (baking, vegetables, photography, sewing, quilts, flower arrangements, etc.).
The Knights of Columbus Fish sandwich stand is still cooking up delicious, generous-servings sandwiches and really good French fries.
The Sports Boosters lemon shake-ups are cold and delicious, perfect with the fish sandwiches and a funnel cake for dessert. (After all, we just have “Fayette County Fair fish sandwiches once a year).  
One of the most popular features is the mechanical bull ride, for the young and not-so-young.  The carnival was due to set up and, happily, the remainder of the week is supposed to be dry and cooler – perfect fair weather.
However, we went Monday evening, even while it was raining. (I, in my old wide-brimmed, floppy, but rainproof hat and already-past-redemption shoes). We thought if the 4-H kids were dedicated enough to care for and show their animals, we could support them by going to watch them, and we were glad we did.  The 4-H kids’ families, parents and grandparents also deserve recognition for the support they give the kids.
Summer Lunches for Kids…
…are available each Wednesday through Aug.6, from 11:30  a.m.-12:30 p.m., at Brownstown United Methodist Church. It’s a nutritious sack lunch free to all students.
Sponsored by the Sefton HCE and Brownstown UMC.
Emmanuel United Methodist Church (Sefton Twp.) 125th Anniversary
The public is invited to the 125th anniversary on July 27. The morning worship service will be at 9:30 a.m., basket dinner at noon and an afternoon service at 1 p.m. with reminiscing and singing. Those who have been associated with the church in past years are especially invited to come and share any experiences they remember.
The church is located at 1200E-1850N, approximately four miles north of the Bluff City elevator.
The Brownstown Branch Library …
… will be open on Saturday mornings, from 9 a.m.-noon, beginning Saturday, July 26.
Brownstown Branch Friends Meeting
A meeting of the Brownstown Branch Library Friends of the St. Elmo District was held Thursday, July 10, in the home of lane and Darrell Potter.
Attending were: Connie Bingaman, Elizabeth Kasten, Bev Koberlein, Bonnie Kramer, Deanna Miller, Loretta Nickels, Lana Potter, Carol Rine, Tracey Schoo, Joann Strobel and Ginny Wilber.
It was announced that the Brownstown Branch will be adding Saturday hours, from 9 a.m.-noon, starting July 26.
The Friends received a generous donation for the operation of the library from the Howell-Adams Family Foundation. Since tax monies are insufficient to meet operating expenses, the Friends makes up the difference by holding fundraisers.                  
The Friends appreciate donations from past residents of our village and other people who see the need for a library in our area. This cuts down the need for holding so many fundraisers.
Ginny Wilber gave a report on how the library is doing. The report for the previous month stated the number of items circulated was 384; numbers sent through interlibrary loan were 95; ebooks borrowed-14; and patrons-856.
It has an average of 13 children per session in the Summer Reading Program.  The last day of the program will be July 31, at 3 p.m., at the St. Elmo Library. The program for that day will be “Paws to Read,” with the Douglas Hart Nature center.
Following the Friends’ meeting, the group toured Lana Potter’s gardens and enjoyed refreshments.
Golden Years Meeting
Tanya Sapp of the Fayette County Health Department was present to take free blood pressure readings as 28 Golden Years Club members and friends gathered in their club building for their potluck dinner and meeting on Tuesday, July 8.
The president, Pastor Don Thomas, welcomed all and asked the blessing for the meal. Following the completion of Donnie Smail and his kitchen helpers kitchen cleanup, Thomas opened called the meeting to order:
• Treasurer Smail gave the club’s financial report.
• Thomas announced that an ice cream social and music program will be held Sunday at Wren Bridge, a benefit for a little girl who is a burn victim.
• July 26-Chicken and pork cookout at 5 p.m. Meat will be furnished, and members to take desserts/other foods.  
Following the business meeting, humorous readings were given by the following: Erma Budlove, Pat Wojnar and Thomas.
Motion was made and seconded to adjourn and meeting ended.
Brownstown United Methodist Church
Bette Stolte, pianist, played the prelude as the congregation of Brownstown United Methodist Church gathered for Sunday morning services. Hubert Williams and Bradley Schwarm served as ushers. Schwarm also lighted the alter candles.
Pastor Don Thomas greeted and welcomed all, and recognized the birthdays and anniversaries. He shared the announcements, the prayer list and requests and led in prayer.
Following the scripture lesson, he delivered the morning message. Jenna and Zack Townsend led the children’s worship, and Flo Allen led the adult class.
• July 27-Emmanuel Church will celebrate its 125th anniversary with a morning service, basket dinner at noon, and a 1 p.m. program. Everyone is invited to attend.  
• August 10-Emmanuel Church cookout. Take something to share and come for food & fellowship.
The Brownstown/Emmanuel Churches now have a website –


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