Frogtown News

Associate Pastor Bernard Ross was installed at Immanuel Lutheran Church, Altamont on Sunday.
Ross and his wife, Katie, have a 2-year-old son, Daniel. He is a 2014 graduate of Concordia Seminary in St. Louis. A reception was held at the parish hall following the installation. The Rev. Bill Emrick was the preacher for the installation.
Word was received that Sharon Mosley died last Thursday.
Weekend Visitors
Mahala Jacquin of Villa Ridge, Mo., spent Thursday to Sunday with her parents, Dane and Belinda Harpster of St. Peter. Mitch, Gretchen, Owen and Aaron Harpster of Cape Girardeau, Mo., spent Friday and Saturday nights with them, and Ben and Amanda Eller of Jackson, Mo., spent Saturday night.
Birthday Party
Approximately 50 close friends and family attended the 50th birthday party of Belinda Harpster on Saturday at Summer Breeze Wine House in St. James. The party was hosted by her husband and children. A meal was enjoyed, then music by DJ Toby Gullion.
St. Peter’s Lutheran Church
Sunday morning attendance was 158.
Jamie Lotz was the organist. Cameron Brandt served as acolyte. Charles Wachholz and Paul Reynolds were attending elders.
Remember in Your Prayers
• Those with health concerns:
-Michael Jordon
-Janice Moeller
-Rhonda Morgan
-Kinsey Spencer
Mourning a loss:
• The family of Sharon Mosley
• Those with long-term health concerns:
-Denis Doyen
-Mary Dierks
-Maria Oswald
-Morgan Pryor
-Carolyn Quade
-Betty Schneider
-Diane Torbeck
• Trudy Fogler
• Carissa Lotz
• Justy Rothe
• Jordan Schaal
• Dale Bahde
• Jill Magnus
• Krue Hill
• Linda Herrmann
• Larry Lotz
• Terrie Ann Butts
• Richard Courson
• Haley Bergmann
• Nancy Kistler
• Clint and Erica Storck
• Lance and Ann Jenne
• Nick and Mallory Jones
• Brian and Rhiannon Wodtka
• Hilmer and Ruth Magnus (69)
• Keith and Julie Graumenz

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