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Critters Keeping Cool
Well, maybe not as cool as the proverbial cucumbers, but as they have plenty of water, shady areas to rest in and regular meals, they don’t seem to be feeling any stress weather-wise.
Lady, the mini-horse, has a nice canopy (which was originally meant for the picnic table). It has a high center roof, so she gets the breeze flowing through it. We plan to build her a winter quarters before the snow flies, but the temporary shelter seems to be satisfying her.
She has a good view of the back door, and of Betsy Longhorn’s bovine family. They have never been so close to each other, so there was a lot of staring on both sides.
When we walked Lady down the lane, she seemed to sense the presence of the boys, “Flash” and “Straight,” neighbor Scott’s pretty horses. She perked up and looked over toward their pasture, although she could not see them.
Katie, Bill’s outdoor doggie, has a “draw drape” (tarpaulin) to shade her pen and an insulated house. She also gets a fresh bucket of water periodically to drink and also to stand in with her front feet. This requires more changing of the water for drinking, but she doesn’t seem to understand or care.
A Visit with Ron Zimmer …
… our favorite hometown auto mechanic.
We took our Jeep to Ron get our brakes up and running again (or rather, get them stopping). He took care of the problem in good time, and we really enjoyed visiting with him in his garage.
My dad, Alec Sr. was a mechanic for many years and he used to take me to the garage with him on occasion, when I was about 3 or 4 years old. I played on the assorted equipment (creeper on wheels, pump-up car jack, vise on the tool bench, etc.)
I still like the smell of the grease, as it brings back memories of being with my dad while he worked. However, if he got too busy to keep an eye on me, he sent me home, to which (the story goes) I objected strenuously.  
We especially enjoyed the conversation with Ron as he recalled the several businesses that used to be in Brownstown years ago. I had no idea the community supported so many businesses and services. Ron said that his dad, Harold, was also a mechanic.
And Visiting in Mark’s …
… we always enjoy the conversation, as well as the food, in Mark’s, whether it be with the girls (Betty, Rachel, Becky, Jessie, Joyce and Leanne) or with their customers. We ran into Willard Fulk this past week and enjoyed talking with him.  We are missing Dustin in the café, as he has gone on to a different job and plans to go to college.  He could often be heard singing in the kitchen (and he sounded pretty good).
911 Reflective Address Markers …
…can now be ordered from the Brownstown Fire Department. Description – 6-inch-by-18-inch blue marker with 3-inch reflective white numbers. A four-digit number is printed on both sides of the marker. The cost for each marker is $22; a post will be an additional charge, depending on type needed.
The department can help with installation if needed. People may order a vertical or horizontal style. They may be put on post or possibly on mailboxes.
Order forms are available and may be mailed to: Brownstown Fire Dept. P.O. Box 190, Brownstown, Ill. 62418 or drop them off on Mondays from 7-8 p.m. at the fire station.
For more information, call Dennis Kilzer at 292-8209 or Shelly Thomason at 267-3625.  
This is a “busier-than-usual weekend with important and entertaining  events:
• The Sefton HCE Outing is Saturday to go to Five Feline Hobby Farm. Be at the Brownstown High School parking lot by 9:30 a.m. They will leave at 9:45 A.M. sharp.
• July 12-19 – The Fayette County Fair. The volunteer workers who showed up for cleanup day at the Fairgrounds worked well together to ready the grounds for the fun, entertainment, food and drink concession stands, the big carnival and seeing your friends, neighbors and new acquaintances.
• July 12 -13 – Second annual Lincoln Heritage Festival at the Vandalia City Parks on Fillmore Street. Many entertaining and historical events scheduled for both days including free pony rides, horse and carriage rides, music and much more.
• July 13 at Wren Bridge – Homemade Ice Cream Social & Music Benefit for Angel. Serving begins at 1 p.m., with music by “Music Patrol” at 2 p.m. Free-will donations accepted. Take lawn chairs.
Angel is a 14-month-old girl who was born in Kenya and was badly burned in an accident when she was 5 days old. The Shriners are taking care of her medical and surgical bills, but do not cover living, travel and housing expenses.  
Coming & Going
Catching Up with the Puleos & Debbie
Debbie McDonald had a nice visit the last weekend of June with her brother, Mike McDonald and family, at Ramsey. Her sister, Connie Meskil, also visited the McDonalds’ on Saturday.
Ken and Wanda Puleo enjoyed a weekend visit in the Chicago area with several of Ken’s long-time friends.  They also attended a memorial service for another longtime friend, who died away recently in Arizona.
They joined several friends for brunch afterward. They had dinner Friday evening with former National Guardsmen and their wives. Ken had formerly served on duty with the guards.
Saturday afternoon, they enjoyed dinner in Villa Park with a high school friend and his wife, and discussed past and upcoming events.
Sunday, they met several neighborhood friends and their wives at the Capri Ristorante in Burr Ridge, where they enjoyed an Italian meal and enjoyed talking about old times.
The Puleos left Monday morning to go home and pick up Debbie at Ramsey.
On Saturday, the Puleos and Debbie joined other family members at Mike and Tammy’s home in Ramsey for a July 4th celebration. Mike was busy cooking out on the grill and other dishes were ready for the crowd present.
The youngest ones present were dressed for the patriotic day.

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