Evergreen Outreach

By Charlene M. Jett
It was pretty HOT, but we had a very fine meeting. However the church’s air conditioning bill may be a bit higher! Everyone made it safely to the meeting, which in itself was a big accomplishment. Thank you for coming.
Our leaders today were Joyce Staff and Phyllis Rames, while Donna (Smith) Sharp played music as we all gathered together and shared refreshments. The cookies (peanut butter and chocolate chip) were provided by the Brownstown United Methodist Women. Thank you very much.
Our entertainment (music, song and motions) all came from a talented budding young lady – Ashton Ferguson. Ashton attends the Christian Academy here in Vandalia while her mother works at The Hair Stop.
This serious-minded performer started our entertainment by playing the piano. She was highly organized and had a list of all the songs she wanted to perform, and as she finished each one she crossed it off her list.
Actually, she performed a recital, and today, was the budding star of the show. She played “Tic Toc, Tic Toc,” “March of the Palace Guards” and “It’s a Grand Old Flag.” Then she sang “My Country Tis of Thee,” and for this one, Phyllis Rames invited us all to sing along after Ashton sang through the first time. It brought smiles to everyone’s face!
Now, the artist braved the world of singing solo and acapella, with a charming rendition of “Angels Watching over Me.” She also sang “Laura Lee” solo and acapella – a very brave performer.
She advanced the complexity of her entertainment by moving on to the stage and used motion in her final song “Happy All the Time,” which she sang faster, and faster and faster and faster! Everyone got a really good laugh!  We laughed with her, of course, and not at her.
The Rev. Ernie Flowers gave us our scripture lesson and devotions. He used a booklet called “Open Window,” and based his talk on our need to follow the Light.
Now, biblically speaking, Jesus is the Light of the world, the brightest Light in our life. We must always follow him. He raised Lazarus from the dead in four days and gave the Samaritan women at the well His Light by simply drinking from her cup of water.
Don’t we all wish we had that kind of power – just think of all the world’s problems we could solve, if we could share the Light of Christ by sharing a cup of water?
But, as I understand things, this kind of accomplishment will only be found at his second coming. Are you ready? We must never be content unless we share His Light.
We must believe in this Light of the world (Jesus), because it is our only way to salvation (saving our soul).
Only after this serious lesson did we get to sing “Happy Birthday” to Rev. Flowers.   
Now, as a special treat for everyone, Joyce Staff gave a really good presentation based on a book by Alice Low, “Summer.” It encompassed all the activities we can do in summer time.
There were at least 20 fun things – all outdoors – that will make our summer fun-filled and enjoyable.
We each got to mention our favorites, from water sports and beach activities at Vandalia Lake to camping and hiking, cookouts (hamburger, hot dogs, chicken and ribs), THE FOURTH OF JULY and fireworks and sparklers, gardening (veggies and flowers), picnics, riding bicycles, roller skating, swinging, playing croquet, badminton and tennis etc.
We also may take more vacations! We should all be jealous of B.J. Mueller, since he went on vacation to Canada and caught lots of really big fish, like trout and muskies.
We can also take canoe trips on the Kaskaskia River and catch big catfish. Needless to say, writing this is making me hungry!
The pinochle table was composed of Shirley Locke and Richard Kruenegel, who tied with Susan Meador and Mary Woolsey. They are a quiet group, but I know for a fact that Shirley can sing well!
I was really proud of the turnout at Evergreen today – thanks to the hospital LTC, the rehabilitation center, FAYCO staff, EO volunteers and bus drivers. We share a few minutes of JOY!
Hope to see you all again next week.  Just remember the best is yet to come!

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