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Critters Tolerating Heat Well
The last few days have been hot and steamy, but all of the critters seem to be doing fine. The outside ones (Katie, the doggie and Betsy and her Long Horn family) don’t seem to be acting any different. They are hitting the waterin’ hole (tank) fairly often, but we keep the water flowing in the tank regularly, so, no problem.
The Longhorns still have the energy to run and stampede across the pasture to the fence to watch the garbage truck on the Friday morning pickups every month.
Katie loves to play in her water bucket and sometimes just stands in it with her front feet. Sometimes she barks at the dog looking back at her from the water.
She is playful and wags her tail a lot. She also likes to sit in her own plastic lawn chair, but often tips it over.
As for the human inhabitants of the Homestead, we tried to catch up on the mowing over the weekend.
When Bill was off and could mow, it either rained or the equipment stalled. The weed cutter just gave up and passed on.        
The riding lawn mower kept messing up and finally just quit. The push mower (which I used) kept getting plugged up with the grass and dying. It wasn’t wet from rain, it was from the heavy dew and humidity.
Unlike the critters, who were grazing or resting through all of this, we did feel the heat.
I suggested moving the electric fence and letting the cows mow the higher grass, but it seems like setting the posts and stringing the wire would be as much work as the mowing.
I pointed out that moving the fence would be a one-time job, where we have to mow every week.
However, we had a pitcher of cold, icy lemonade made, and a few sips of it now and then gave us the energy to carry on.
Happily, Saturday evening, Pastor Don and Marlys Thomas came by with a mess of mushrooms, already cooked up, ( just needed a little more time in the skillet), so that really helped with supper. They were really delicious and quite an unexpected treat this time of the year … and saved Bill from having to dine on a peanut butter & jelly sandwich … or me having “to cook over a hot stove.” What a blessing!!!
Reminder-Free Summer Lunches for Kids …
… every Wednesday, sponsored by the Sefton HCE and the United Methodist Church in Brownstown.  Come by and pick up at 11:30 a.m.  Come to the east door and down to the basement. For all students, and there is no registration.
Hi Ho, Come to the Fair
The Fayette County Fair runs Sunday, July 13, through Saturday, July 19, with lots of events and fun for all ages. There are the Brownstown Boosters lemon shake-ups stand, the Knights of Columbus fish sandwiches, cotton candy, all kinds of foods and beverages.
A big carnival, rides, game booths to test your skills, etc, etc., and your neighbors and friends to visit with.  
And our favorites (next to the fish sandwiches, that is), the 4-H animals shows/contests. We really enjoy watching the young people show their animals and the judges as they view the animals and sometimes ask questions of the young, but very competent, handlers.
Also, the other exhibits and competition such as photography, sewing,  crafts, fresh vegetables, baked goods, canning, etc. Better yet, enter some of the competitions and really support the fair.   
The fair board members and young volunteers (4-H & Scouts) have been working hard to make the grounds neat and clean for the fair visitors.
The fair board said that others have donated not only volunteer work, but also supplies and equipment, including Cumberland Trail Growers-flowers; Dave King (owner of Cages), stain and use of coolers; Kaskaskia Supply & Valspar-paint; Brownstown Lumber-roof paint; Tomlinson Electric-brushes and rollers; Account Concepts-paint trays; Girl Scouts-painting labor; Fayette County 4-H-labor, painting, cleanup; The Red Door-refreshments and food; and Sefton Unit HCE ladies-serving refreshments.
Plan now to attend, and participate in, one of the few old-time entertaining, competitive and social events still available. The county fair – a part of our American heritage.
Coming & Going
Homesteaders Travel North
Bill and Panzi Blackwell traveled to Decatur Saturday to visit with Don and Jill Jenkins and granddog, Lucy.
They ate lunch out for Jill’s birthday, did some shopping and visited before heading back to the Homestead for the  critters’ feeding times and Callie the Kitty’s insulin shot.
Callie still seems to be doing well and has settled into the routine. She even starts meowing when the time for her medicine and food is drawing near.
She comes into our living quarters for a while every morning and evening to visit and relax in one of her two favorite places, then lets us know when she wants to go back to the room she has staked out as hers.   

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