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Thursday, June 26
• Exxon Mobil Annuitants, noon, Vandalia Ponderosa.
• The St. Elmo Unit of Home and Community Education, 1:30 p.m., St. Elmo Public Library.
• The first of the summer series of University of Illinois Extension’s Four Seasons Gardening program, “Home Orchards,” will be via computer at 6:30 p.m. at the Vandalia Extension Office. The session is free, but advance registration is needed by calling the Extension Office at 283-2753.
Friday, June 27
• See the following article on Fayette County 4-H shows.
Saturday, June 28
• St. Elmo Community Clothes Closet, 9 a.m.-noon, 214 N. Walnut.
• Cameron Vail will have a book signing from 10 a.m.-noon at the St. Elmo Public Library.
• Marion Julius medical benefit (due to a bear attack) starts at 10 a.m. at the Julius Acres, in rural Beecher City. Menu items: barbecued pork, baked beans, slaw for $7; barbecue sandwich with chips for $4; hot dog with chips for $3; beverages for $1.
Music is by “Keepin’ Simple” (Elaine Feezel and Don Croft) and “Off the Wall” (Darrel Durbin band).
Entertainment includes washers, horseshoes, corn hole, kids fishing, Prairieland Frontiersmen and pre-1840 Camp Sites.
Auctions, gun raffle and 50/50 drawings start at 7:30 p.m.
Tuesday, July 1
• Friendly Neighbors potluck, noon, Phillips Building.
Wednesday, July 2
• Wright’s Corner Unit of Home and Community Education, 11 a.m., Vandalia Ponderosa.
Thursday, July 3
• St. Elmo Business Association, noon, Mary Ann’s Restaurant.
Fayette County 4-H Shows
General projects, food and clothing shows will be held this week in the Brownstown Elementary School.
On Thursday, the early check-in for the general projects will be 5:30-7 p.m.
On Friday, continuation of general projects check-in will be 4:30-5 p.m.; judging starts at 5:30 p.m.
On Saturday, at noon, the general projects show exhibits will be open to the public.
Check-in for the food and clothing shows will be 12-1 p.m.; judging starts at 1 p.m.
Also on Saturday, there will be table decorating at 1:30 p.m., public speaking at 2:15 p.m., fashion review at 3 p.m. and food demonstrations at 3:30 p.m.
An ice cream social will be at 5 p.m. and the awards recognition at 5:30 p.m. Projects will be released at 6 p.m. or following the awards recognition.
4-H projects of animals will be judged throughout the Fayette County Fair, which starts on Saturday, July 12, with the horse show at 9 a.m. and the rabbit show at 2 p.m. On Sunday, July 13, the poultry show will be at noon and the goat show at 4 p.m. On Monday, July 14, the sheep show will be at 8 a.m. and the beef show/dairy steer shows will be at 11 a.m. On Tuesday, July 15, the swine show will be at 8 a.m. On Wednesday, July 16, the dog show will be at 2 p.m. and the cat show at 5 p.m. On Saturday, July 19, the dairy cattle show will be at 8 a.m.
The annual 4-H Livestock Auction will start at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, July 15.
Historical Vandalia Inc.
The St. Francisville Catholic Church organ is now safe from the wrecking ball – it has arrived at the Fayette County Museum. It will take time for it to be installed in the upstairs sanctuary of the old Presbyterian Church. Donations still will be appreciated.
Present for the Historical Vandalia Inc. Board meeting held at 6:30 p.m. on June 16 in the Fayette County Museum were President Steve Durbin, Joyce Mueller and Mary Truitt of Vandalia, Barbara Buckland of Brownstown, Marilyn Beyes of Smithboro, Jim Brewer of Ramsey and Anna Jean Rhodes of St. Elmo.
Truitt reported the museum had 376 visitors sign in during May (the most since the 390 sign-ins in May 2011).
Items the museum has received since the last board meeting include a photo album, photos, cameras, scrapbook, books, posters, a 1906 Arm Prairie School with names and pamphlets of years 1893, 1902, 1924 and 1930.
Beyes reported that the June 14-22 Town and Country Amateur Art Show and Professional Art Show has been receiving good attendance. When judged, the more than 80 entries of amateur photos, adult and children’s art received 50 blue ribbons and can be entered this fall in the State Town and Country Amateur Art Show. The Fayette County show also has 20 professional art works.
The garden report was there still are gooseberries to be picked. They are being frozen to be sold or made into ordered gooseberry pies.
HCE Annual Meeting Plaque Awards
Several plaques were awarded at the Fayette County Home and Community Education 66th annual meeting held on June 17 in the Vandalia Holy Cross Lutheran Church Fellowship Hall.
Senior Homemaker of the Year Award went to MaryEllen Lovett of the Wheatland Unit. She is 100 years of age and has been a member for 63 years. She wasn’t able to be present, but the unit will take the award to her.
A special recognition plaque went to Dorothy Harpster of the St. Peter Unit. She is retiring from the HCE Board after serving as the treasurer for 14 years.
New Member Homemaker Award went to Donna Blair of the Vandalia Day Unit. She wasn’t able to be present because of injuries she received when her car was hit June 14. Her unit will present the plaque to her.
New Member Homemaker Award also went to Ashley Davis of the Vandalia Day Unit.
Blair joined in April 2013 and Davis joined in June 2013.
Blair served as the county HCE Family Issues officer this year. Both were members of the HCE Honeys for Relay for Life and both were involved in many community activities.
The 2014 Homemaker of the Year Award went to Karen Denning of the St. Elmo Unit. She has been a member since 1996, served as a county officer for several years and is involved in community activities that include being chairman of the St. Elmo Red Cross blood drives.
The Unit of the Year plaque had the names of two units on it for this year – the Vandalia Day Unit and the Sefton Unit. Both units scored the highest on the scorecard, participating in most of the collections and projects.
More on HCE Annual Meeting
Before the business meeting for the Fayette County Home and Community Education 66th annual meeting held on June 17 in the Vandalia Holy Cross Lutheran Church, those attending joined in saying the pledge of allegiance led by President Flo Allen. They enjoyed a potluck meal. with the blessing given by Panzi Blackwell.
Decorations in the room and table decorations, that included chef hats, carried out the IAHCE theme, “Been Cookin’ for 90 Years.” Sefton Unit was in charge of the decorations.
When each person registered she was given a pin-on angel made by Ashley Davis. In addition to a program, each one received a copy of “Attitude” by Charles Swindoll.
After the potluck Second Vice Anna Jean Rhodes presented the IAHCE 50-year membership certificate and 50-year pin to May Della Probst of the Bingham/Ramsey Unit. This had to be done early because Probst had an afternoon commitment.
Allen presided over the business meeting and the Wheatland Unit, in charge of registration, reported 27 members and two guests signed in.
Next was the memorial service. Two members died during the 2013-14 year. Verna Stallings of the Vandalia Day Unit died in January, and her memorial was given by Anita Smith. Marge Weiss of the Sefton Unit died in April, and her memorial was given by Allen.
Secretary Joyce Mueller read the minutes of the 2013 annual meeting. Treasurer Dorothy Harpster gave the 2013-14 budget report and presented the proposed budget for the 2014-15 year that was approved as presented.
Officer reports were given by First Vice Phyllis Pryor, Rhodes, Community Outreach chairwoman Anita Smith, International chairwoman Shirley Klitzing, Cultural Enrichment chairwoman Debbie Segrest and Public Relations chairwoman Panzi Blackwell. Family Issues chairwoman Donna Blair was not present.
The program listed the Fayette County HCE membership for the 2013-14 year: The year started in June 2013 with 108 members (Bingham/Ramsey 7, St. Elmo 12, St. Peter 17. Sefton 32, Vandalia Day 21, Wheatland 8 and Wright’s Corner 11). Twelve members joined and two died, so the year ended May 31 with a membership of 118.
As membership chairwoman, Rhodes recognized those who have been members 50 or more years. Unable to attend were the only two charter members (Home Bureau started in May 1948), Martha O’Dell, an active member of the St. Peter Unit, and Ilene Sidwell of the Sefton Unit, a resident of the Aperion Care of St. Elmo.
Other members with 60 or more years: Rhodes for 65 years and MaryEllen Lovett for 63 years. Members of 50 or more years and when they joined are: Harpster of the St. Peter Unit in 1957, Mary Stokes of the Bingham/Ramsey Unit in 1958, Sally Behrends and Lucille Fisher, both of the Sefton Unit, in1959, Ruth Schnake of the St. Peter Unit in 1961, Evelyn Probst of the Bingham/Ramsey Unit in 1962, Gert Garrett and Marilyn Magnus, both of the St. Peter Unit, and Elizabeth Kasten of the Sefton Unit, all in 1963; and the current 50-year member, May Della Probst of Bingham/Ramsey Unit.
Allen presented certificates (made by Blackwell) for the following (certificates for those not present were given to the units to take to them): 40 years-Mary Ann Rhoades of Ramsey Unit and Marcella Albright of St. Peter Unit; 30 years-Ethelyn Williams of Wheatland Unit; 20 years-Irene Smith, Martha Thompson, Janet Lusch and Alvenia Noffsinger, all of Vandalia Day Unit; 10 years-Delores Dukeman and Rita Miller, both of the Sefton Unit, and Rosemary Owen, Shirley Smith and Una Tish, all of the Wright’s Corner Unit.
A certificate also was presented to the Vandalia Day Unit HCE Honeys. In fundraisers, they raised more than $3,000 for the June Relay for Life.
HCE had 12 new members who joined June 2013 through May of this year: Bobby Durbin, Lois Jackson and Betty Miller of the Sefton Unit; Ann Rowland of the St. Elmo Unit; and Carol Bridges, Ashley Davis, Tammy England, Jan Evans, Ardith McFarland, Brittany Nichols, Lura Tarter and Loretta Stortzum of the Vandalia Day Unit. Those present were each presented with “An Aim for the Homemaker” certificate by Rhodes. Those absent will receive the certificate from their units.
Consecutive years of perfect attendance were recognized. Some have one to nine years, but the following have more than 10 years: Evelyn Probst of Bingham/Ramsey and Elizabeth Kasten of Sefton, each with 13 years; Shirley Klitzing of Sefton, 15 years; Karen Denning of St. Elmo and Kate Jennings of Wright’s Corner, each with 16 years; and Dorothy Harpster of St. Peter, Flo Allen of Sefton; and Anita Smith of Vandalia Day, each with 18 years.
Next on the agenda was the election of the 2014-15 officers. They were installed by Ellie Maroon of Altamont, an IAHCE past president.
She gave each officer a wooden spoon or fork with a paper attached that says: The first ingredient is Ingenuity with a dash of imagination. The second ingredient is Aim, with a measure of accountability. The third ingredient is Home, with a general helping of health. The fourth ingredient is Community, with a spoonful of challenge. The fifth ingredient is Education, sprinkled with experience.
Officers installed are Flo Allen, president; Debbie Segrest, first vice; Anna Jean Rhodes, second vice; Joyce Mueller, secretary; Carol Bridges, treasurer; Anita Smith, community outreach; Donna Blair (who was absent), family issues; Shirley Klitzing, international; Ashley Davis, cultural enrichment; and Panzi Blackwell, public relations.
Plaque awards were given before the business meeting closed.
For the program, Maroon gave a program, “Cookbook History.” and told about the cookbooks she showed.
In addition to the decorations by the Sefton Unit and the registration by the Wheatland Unit, the Vandalia Day Unit did the beverages and arranged the food on the tables. The other units were responsible for the cleanup.
Guests present were Maroon and Rhonda Jacobs of Chatham (daughter of May Della Probst).
Members present were May Della Probst of Bingham/Ramsey; Karen Denning and Anna Jean Rhodes of St. Elmo; Dorothy Harpster and Sandra Runge of St. Peter; Flo Allen, Sally Behrends, Panzi Blackwell, Elizabeth Kasten, Shirley Klitzing, LaVonne Kramer, Phyllis Pryor and Debbie Swain of Sefton; Ruth Brackenbush, Carol Bridges, Joyce Carter, Ashley Davis, Janice Evans, Carrie Hill, Ardith McFarland, Joyce Mueller, Linda Rickman, Debbie Segrest, Anita Smith and Lura Tarter of Vandalia Day; Joyce Moore of Wheatland; and Kate Jennings of Wright’s Corner.
Extension Foundation
Those interested in attending a soup/chili fundraiser are asked put it on the calendar for Sunday, Oct. 26. The Fayette County Extension Foundation has two fundraisers each year that helps with the county 4-H and other extension programs. The first one for the 2014-15 year (July through June) is being planned for the last Sunday in October. It will be held from 11 a.m.-2 p.m. in the Brownstown Elementary Cafeteria.
The menu will include vegetable beef soup, chili, hot dogs, peanut butter sandwiches, beverages and desserts. The cost is a donation.
County 4-H clubs will provide for an auction baskets or boxes filled with various items.
Plans were made for this at the Fayette County Extension Foundation meeting held the evening of June 17 in the Vandalia Extension Office with the following present: Brian Willenborg, Kyra Willenborg, guest BrockWillenborg and Unit 21 County Extension Director Rachelle Hollinshead, all of Vandalia; Marsha Lilly Wright of Beecher City; Joy Eddy of Ramsey; Kevin Payne of Brownstown; and Anna Jean Rhodes of St. Elmo
Hollinshead told the directors that she is retiring from Extension on Oct. 1.
The next Extension Foundation meeting is set for Tuesday, Aug. 19, at 7 p.m. in the Vandalia Extension Office.
Vit-Em-In Class Potluck
Class teacher Richard Lowe gave the meal blessing for the Vit-Em-In Sunday school class potluck that was held the evening of June 19 in the Fellowship Hall of First United Methodist Church. He and Rosemary Owen served as hosts.
Others present were Frank and Delva Krost, Ed and Barb Lane, Bob and Joanne Owen, Anna Jean Rhodes and Jack and Marilyn Sproat. There was no business meeting, just visiting.
Two Missionaries at Two Area Churches Sunday
A Vandalia native, Tim Edwards, a missionary in Vietnam, was the morning speaker on Sunday at St. Elmo First United Methodist Church. St. Elmo minister Dan Laack and Edwards are former members of the Vandalia First United Methodist Church.
Tim has been an overseas United Methodist missionary for nine years. He and his family, missionary wife Jamie and three children, came back to the states a week ago to visit family and friends for a couple of months, before returning back to Vietnam.
They work with the Vietnamese Tai Dam people. Each one was given a booklet – “Faces of the Black Tai, A Prayer Journey Through the Tai Dam World.” The booklet is to lead one to have a greater relationship with the Tai Dam people and also encourage prayers for them and interest in telling others about them.
A New Testament in Vietnamese was printed a couple of years ago. For the children’s sermon, Laack had Edwards read a short scripture in Vietnamese from it. This was to help the kids know how people in other areas of the world learn from Bible scriptures in their language.

A Marshall native, Connie Wieck, a missionary in China, spoke at the Brownstown First United Methodist Church that afternoon.
She has been with the United Methodist General Board of Global Missions for 19 years as an English teacher. She first entered church service as a mission intern in Japan, and later was commissioned as a missionary and taught at Wesley Girl’s High School in Taipei, Taiwan and now is in mainland China as an Amity Foundation English teacher.
She passed out to each one a paper on facts. One is that the Amity Printing Co. Ltd., located outside Nanjing, is the largest printing press in the world for Bible printing and distribution. It produces Bibles in 90 different languages, but its main purpose is printing Chinese Bibles and materials for the mainland Christian Community. It has the capacity to print 20 million Bibles per year.
Due to visa difficulties, she had a one-year hiatus studying Chinese at Sichuan University. She plans to return soon to China to teach at the Luzhou Vocational and Technical College.
As a member of the Christian faith, she stays active in the Chinese Protestant church.
She had on display at a table pictures and items from China.
After the program, the Brownstown United Methodist Women furnished refreshments in the church fellowship hall.


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