Residents show support for pool

A politician once said, “It takes a village to raise a child.” In Vandalia, it can be said, “It takes a community to save its pool.”
And, that is what’s happening here, with local residents responding to the efforts of Manager Lisa Robbins and the Vandalia Swimming Pool staff to keep that facility afloat.
In less than a year, the pool staff has raised just under $18,000 through various fundraisers and donations.
On one hand, that doesn’t seem like much, considering that the price tag for needed renovations to the pool is $1.3 million. But, on the other hand, it can make a big difference as the Vandalia Park District seeks to land a state grant for the project.
Community involvement and support is one of the key factors that state officials will consider when acting on the district’s grant application.
Hopefully, in addition to looking at the figure contributed by the pool staff, those reviewing the grant application will take the time to study just how that money was raised.
The pool staff’s efforts have included selling paper footprints for $1 each and T-shirts for $10, and working for tips at a local restaurant. That $17,000-plus represents a lot of footprints, T-shirts and tips.
It also includes some sizable donations, the most recent being $500 from Dr. Richard and Sally Miller, $350 from Dave King of Cages and $200 from Fred Tessman of Full Moon Bar and Grill.
Those donations, along with all others made within the past year, not only contribute to the total needed for renovations, but also give proof that residents see the value of our community pool.
Pool Manager Lisa Robbins said on Tuesday that her staff will keep trying to find ways to raise money for the pool project. As they do so, we encourage local residents to continue supporting the staff’s efforts.

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