Resident speaks out against Circle K’s request for liquor

I just finished reading about the city council meeting in the June 19 issue of the paper.
I am thankful for these aldermen who expressed concerns about Circle K’s request.
Quote – “The intent of (Circle K) is to not sell alcohol.” Yet, Mr. Stanisz states that his plan includes selling one type of beer, charging $8 (per cup) and limiting each customer to one in a 24-hour period, and the staff will “self-police and self-report, plus a range of dollars the city would receive in revenue.
Lots of unanswered questions!
If this request is granted, does this open the door for all the other convenience stores to request the same type of license to sell alcohol to be consumed on the premises?
Do we, as Vandalia citizens, really want this to take place in our local convenience stores?
Melvin Huber

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