A sign of the times

Brownstown’s emergency responders have undertaken a project that will help them to better serve the residents of that area.

The Brownstown Fire Department is one of the area departments selling reflective 911 address markers.
The department, which includes volunteers serving as firefighters and/or First Responders, are making available two-sided markers which have a resident’s address printed on both sides.
The 6-inch-by-18-inch markers are blue with residents’ new E911 addresses in white reflective numbers, and are available for $22. Individuals may buy either horizontal or vertical markers.
In addition to selling the address markers, the department is offering to provide posts for those signs, if desired, at a nominal cost. Department members are also offering to install the markers for residents.
Shelly Thomason, a First Responder with the department who also helps with radio duties during BFD calls, emphasizes that this is not a department fundraiser.
“It’s not a money-maker for us,” Thomason said. “We plan to break even on this (project).”
The purpose of the project, she said, is to help get firefighters and First Responders to the scene of an emergency more quickly.
“These markers will help us find the emergency and respond to it in shorter time,” she said.
“We’re finding that the markers that have been installed are already being of great benefit,” Thomason said.
“It’s a benefit to everybody,” she said. “In addition to being a great help in emergencies, these help to better identify the addresses of residents for other purposes.”
Thomason added that the sale of the markers is not being limited to residents of the Brownstown Fire Protection District.
“Anyone can purchase them,” she said.
Orders for E911 markers may be dropped off at the Brownstown Fire Department from 7-8 p.m. on Mondays, or they may be mailed to: Brownstown Fire Department, P.O. Box 190, Brownstown, Ill. 62471.

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