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Critter Corner
All is well with the Homestead Critters at this time. The rains are keeping the Longhorn’s pasture lush and green and they seem to be enjoying life as they graze, take naps in the sunshine, settle down early in the evenings to rest, sleep  later in the mornings and take interest in things going on around them, namely us as we are outside doing chores.
The henhouse is still producing at least two eggs a day. We would like to give Blackie and Rhonda the run of the yard and pasture, but we are afraid they would wander out on the highway.
Callie, the kitty, still seems to be doing well on her insulin. She enjoys lying on the living room carpet in the evening and just watching us and Josie.
Katie, Bill’s doggie, likes to sit in her plastic lawn chair and watch the cows.
The little robins can be seen picking and bugging in the grass, especially just after a rain.
Coming & Going
Brazles host Birthday Party
Vernon and Judy Brazle hosted a June birthday party for their sisters, Linda Cunningham and Virginia (Cookie) Uriehko. In attendance were: Linda, Cookie and husband Jim of Winterpark, Fla., Joe and Wilma Kruger, Carol Koester and the hosts, the Brazles.
Both of the ladies were born in 1944, Cookie on June 2 and Linda on June 4.
Vernon cooked hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill. The gals provided salads and baked beans.
To top it all off was dessert of homemade ice cream, angel food cake, peach cobbler and fresh strawberries.
Homesteaders Go A’Callin’
Bill and Panzi Blackwell celebrated Bill’s birthday on Saturday. The first visit was to Lucille Fisher and daughter Helen Klitzing’s lovely home.
Their front yard was blooming with colorful flowers and bird feeders, a pretty setting for their pretty house.
We looked at the raised planter that Helen’s son, Mike, (also Lucille’s grandson), made for the ladies.
It is great and they have a really great producing garden growing, from which they have already have harvested food for their table.
Lucille put on a pot of coffee and they had baked Bill a birthday cake, which was much enjoyed as we sat at Lucille’s and Helen’s table and visited.
Visiting sister Ava’s Pretty Home
Bill’s sister, Ava, invited us over for a birthday supper and birthday cake.
The supper was delicious and, as she sent leftovers home with us, we enjoyed it all a second time.
Ava’s yard was also very pretty, with pretty colorful flowers, bird feeders, flagstones, figurines, etc.
We came home with both cakes, so we are enjoying a snack every evening of milk and birthday cake.
Golden Years Club
Twenty-four names were signed on the attendance book as the Golden Years Club gathered for its potluck noon meal on Tuesday, June 10.
The president of the club, Pastor Don Thomas welcomed all present, asked the blessing for the meal and invited the guests and June birthday/anniversary people to be served first.
Among the many varied foods were strawberry pie, rhubarb pie and corn pudding,
Following the meal, Pastor Don called the meeting to order and the treasurer, Donnie Snail, gave the financial report, which included a generous donation to the building fund from the late Marge Weiss’ family in her memory.
A report and discussion followed on the options for a site for the new Golden Years Club building. Several points were discussed regarding the building.
There was also discussion concerning the club’s upcoming fundraiser, a chicken and pork cookout. The date is still in question, as the dates of other events are being checked. Pastor Don will provide the meat and baked beans, and members are to supply other food items.
Loyce Becker read some funny “Barnyard Chuckles.”
First Christian Church VBS
The First Christian Church Vacation Bible School was held June 8-13, with 90 people involved in the theme, “Jungle Safari – Where Kids Explore the Nature of God.”
The directors were Billie Enlow and Laura Willms.
Because of illness and a death in the family, Laura wasn’t able to continue. Claudia Edwards and daughters filled in for her.
Many people were involved as teachers, class leaders, craft teachers, food preparers, van drivers, music leaders and general helpers.
Debby Sefton brought the mission lessons each night, representing the h.o.w.? ministry that helps widows in African countries learn skills so they can make a living and provide homes for street children.
An offering of $783 was given to the mission, exceeding the $500 goal.
Charlie and Faye will take the Bibles to Butler, along with any other items
The Bibles are on order and should be here anytime.
Brownstown United Methodist Honors Fathers
Jenna Townsend served breakfast of breakfast casserole and cinnamon rolls to all of the Sunday school, in honor of Father’s Day. Gifts were given to all the fathers. A special gift drawing was won by Bill Haller.
Brownstown United Methodist Church
The congregation of the United Methodist Church was greeted by Duane and Laura Willms for the Sunday morning worship services.
Terry  Smith led the Communion meditation and prayer. Special music was contributed by the ladies choir, followed by the morning message, delivered by Pastor Kevin Bonifacius.
The congregation took up a special offering to buy 720 Bibles to send overseas. The Love Packages Ministry in Butler will send them.                       
There are no Sunday evening worship services until June 29, due to Father’s Day and Kevin being on vacation.
There is a Ladies Fellowship trip to Bobby’s Frozen Custard in Maryville on June 29. They will leave at 2 p.m. and return in tine for the evening service. This is a church event, and men and women are invited. More details to follow.
Brownstown United Methodist Church
Bette Stolte, pianist, played the prelude as the congregation of the UMC gathered for Sunday services. Jeff Kelly and Jeffrey Kelly served as ushers, and Jeffrey Kelly lighted the altar candles.
Judy Watson served as liturgist. Pastor Don Thomas greeted all and  recognized the birthdays and anniversaries. He shared the prayer list and requests, and led in prayer, and following the praise in song, delivered the message.
Jenna and Zack Townsend led the children’s worship. Flo Allen led the adult class.
• Sunday at 2 p.m.-Connie Wieck, missionary in China, will be speaking. Open to both churches and the public.
• Monday at 1:30 p.m.-UMW will go to Evergreen Outreach with cookies.

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