Evergreen Outreach

By Charlene M. Jett
Monday was another fine day for Evergreen Outreach. Our leader was the Rev. Jim Fackler,  and our pianist was Donna Smith, a really good combination for having fun, laughter and music. That’s the way it was at the Fayette County Hospital Long Term Care activities room.
We shared refreshments as everyone wondered if I could actually get the microphone to work! Since Donna knows most everything by heart, she played and we sang our opening songs.
Fackler started things with a prayer, and told us more about Pentecost (50 days after Easter) and the Holy Spirit. He described the Holy Spirit as Holy Love, and entreated him to come join us and make his presence known. He also described the Holy Spirit as powerful and likened it to a fire in your heart that won’t quit burning – and that’s just the way it feels. It isn’t a hurtful or scary spirit like a ghost, but a passionate deep love that leads us to worship, prayer and loving Jesus. As I have shared with a friend, the fruit of the Holy Spirit must demonstrably come out of me, or I will explode! Fackler also described the Holy Spirit as the breath of God.
We sang "Happy Birthday" to Fackler, Ruth Ann Scott, Jessie Gordon, Louise Kruenegel, Margaret Penn, Victor Vandre, Debbie Rebbe, Matt Carrigan, Sharon Lee and Floyd Rogers.   We also wished Jeannie and Wolf Schlicht a happy anniversary, and a get well to Bobby Buzzard! Katy Schukar was also back, but must return to St. Luke’s for another surgery. We also had a moment to see Kim and baby Carl. Fackler then turned the microphone over to our special entertainer, Harold Swofford from Pittsfield.  
Harold had his CD player and a big string of great country songs to sing for us. What a deep, deep bass voice he has, and he really did sound just like Roy Acuff when he sang ”Great Speckled Bird.” It’s been too long since I’ve heard this great old song. Then he sang “Cheatin’ Heart” and “Lonesome Blues,” originally done by Hank Williams Sr. Old Hank would have done it exactly this way! He changed gears a little to a more modern Johnny Cash and “Folsom Prison Blues,” “Love to Rose” and “Sunday Morning Coming Down.” Many of us remember the good family times we had when these songs were popular.
Then things got a little livelier, when he sang “I Ain’t Never.” A few of us took to the dance floor! There wasn’t much room for dancing, since the room was packed full of people, with big smiles and clapping hands. A few more lively songs and we managed about 12 people trying to shake a leg and cast their cares away! Swofford sang several other songs, and the Holy Spirit was with us and gently carrying away our worries.
The plan is that we will be back at First United Methodist Church next Monday – so I hope to see you all then!
Please continue to say prayers for all of our friends.

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