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Graduation Party
A graduation party was held at the home of Pastor and Roxanne Emrick of St. Peter on Friday, May 30, honoring their daughter, Clara Emrick, who graduated from South Central High School. Those in attendance were: Bob and Joann Carpenter, Richard and Bonnie Lader, Anna and Chris Eveland, Joseph and Carissa Emrick, and Dane and Belinda Harpster.
Visiting Parents
Joseph and Carissa Emrick of Flaherty, Ky., spent a few days last week with his parents, Rev. and Roxanne Emrick of St. Peter.
“Gangway to Gaililee” is the theme for this summer’s vacation Bible school to be held at St. Peter’s Lutheran Church the week of July 21-26, from 6 to 8 p.m. each evening.
St. Peter’s Lutheran Church
Sunday morning attendance was 160. Jamie Lotz served as the organist. Madyson Magnus served as acolyte.
Mark Wollin and Allen Magnus were attending elders.  
Remember in Your Prayers
• Those with health concerns:
-Rick Dorr
-Gert Garrett
-Lois Meyer
-Betty Rubin
-Kinsey Spencer
-Doris Strullmyer
• Those with long-term health concerns
-Denis Doyen
-Mary Dierks
-Vicki Bast
-Sharon Mosley
-Maria Oswald
-Betty Schneider
-Diane Torbeck
• Keith Green
• Violet Rubin
• Curtis Jenne
• Divo Noschese
• Dawn Urban
• Megan Murphree
• Stacey Bergmann
• Colby Gullion
• Julie Roberts
• Kelly Rothe
• Calie Guerrettaz
• James Magnus
• Frances Storck
• Raymond and Ruth Schnake (61)
• David and Tracy Wollin
• Tommy and Courtney Daughterty
• Randy and Nancy Hinton
• Butch and Terrianne Butts
• Dane and Belinda Harpster
• Matt and Cindy Spencer

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